l punish you by giving me the tiger-skin eggs.” An Nuan’s eyes fell sideways on the tiger-skin eggs in Liu Changan’s bowl, and he pointed to his own bowl and said sweetly.

Han Zhizhi looked at An Nuan angrily. How could a girl act so naturally when talking about love?
After hearing Liu Changan’s words, “You are no different from tourists, they are all traffic attracted.” An Nuan and Han Zhizhi’s perspective on the city seemed to have changed.
/The mentality of “I am a local” often makes people turn a blind eye to the new things in this city and stubbornly believe that this place is still the same as in their memory.
So in the streets and alleys that developed with the increase in tourists, the two of them found a lot of new fun. The sunset and night view of Lushan Mountain on the roadside was super beautiful. They made an appointment to sit down together next time. It was rumored that it was Loupai Street, where sick cats and dogs gather, has been renovated and a very grand cat cafe has been opened. Huangxing Road, which was originally thought to be extremely familiar, also has many new things. The underground shopping malls extending in all directions make people lose their sense of direction.
After playing for an afternoon, An Nuan and Han Zhizhi drove home. Liu Changan was still thinking about the crispy durian ice cream. When he was about to buy it, he saw a purple BMW MINI pull over.
The car window slowly came down. Liu Changan first saw Miss Bai being restrained by the seat belt, and then he saw Bai Fen’s head stretched forward to reveal her face. Her round cheeks were full of surprises and smiles every time they met. When I walked around here for the first time, I couldn’t help but search for someone. He often wandered around, so the chance of encountering him was quite high.
“Did you buy a new car?”
Bai Hui nodded vigorously.
“BYD Han?” After Liu Changan was puzzled, he suddenly realized: “This must be BYD’s new model. It is exactly the car that meets your practical requirements. Look at the power, it must be very powerful, and look at the space, it must be abundant. ”
Bai Hui’s cheeks were red. Last time he invited Dan Dan and Dong Dong to eat beef. When he came back, he sat behind his electric car and told him that he wanted to buy a BYD Han. He also told him a lot about his thoughts and reasons.
“But it’s very cute!” Bai Hui couldn’t help but defend, feeling that this reason was so justified that no one could refuse, “When a MINI and a BYD Han are put together, 99 out of a hundred girls will I would choose MINI.”
Liu Changan nodded. She could buy whatever she wanted with her own money. Of course, he would not really have any objections. To be honest, girls, even if they are a little willful, consumeristic, and like to act like a baby, still enjoy the convenience brought by being a woman in daily life. , as long as you don’t turn around and punch, it’s okay.
“An Nuan seems to have been here just now. I originally wanted to come directly to see her and go shopping together, but when I called he