m and assimilated into the power of annihilation. When the magic weapon exploded, its power also weakened rapidly, and the Tao brand turned into Tao snow and fluttered!

These magic weapons seem to have experienced hundreds of millions of years, becoming rusty and gradually decaying!
/Min Bo secretly thought, “I’m going to die,” and he fell into Xu Ying’s belly. Suddenly, Dao Zongyuan pointed his finger, hit Xu Ying’s palm and threw it back, throwing Min Bo away.
Xu Ying was furious and immediately rushed towards Yin Hong who was not far away. Yin Hong activated his Taoist skills and shouted: “Well done!”
The next moment, Yin Hong’s own path almost collapsed. Xu Ying grabbed him by the neck, lifted him up like a chicken, opened his big mouth and stuffed it into his stomach.
At this moment, Yin Hong could clearly see Xu Ying’s throat and moving intestines.
Dao Zongyuan took action again and rescued Yin Hong.
Xu Ying was furious, flew up, and ran away far away, shouting: “Now, let’s destroy this world!”
/Dao Zongyuan sighed secretly, stretched out his big hand, and his palm immediately covered the sky and the sun, covering the entire human world and pressing down.
Xu Ying rushed out with all his strength, but was suppressed by Dao Zongyuan. However, Dao Zongyuan’s palm fell and still pressed him back into the Yuan Realm, and his five fingers turned into a cage to contain Xu Ying.
“The Taoist master has immeasurable magical power, suppress this beast!”
Min Bo, Yin Hong and others had just recovered from the shock. They stepped forward one after another and exclaimed, “Kill him quickly!”
Dao Zongyuan was also secretly shocked. He originally thought this was just a leisurely job, but he didn’t expect that something would go wrong as soon as Xu Ying entered the Tao.
Today, Xu Ying is controlled by the Avenue of Nirvana and retains his own memory. The key is that he, the master of the avenue, cannot control the Avenue of Nirvana, so he cannot help Xu Ying quell the backlash of the Avenue of Nirvana!
But it’s not his fault. The Lord of the Avenue can control the avenues of heaven and earth in the universe, but Nirvana is not among them.
When the Tribulation of Nirvana breaks out, the Tao Master is also the target to be destroyed, so it is impossible for the Tao Lord realm to master the Great Way of Nirvana. If it can be mastered, the calamity of annihilation will not break out.
Xu Ying was still restless in the cage formed by his five fingers. He moved towards the cage and tried to break it, but suddenly it turned into a source of annihilation and tried to pull the cage into the source of the flood.
Dao Zongyuan tried to use his spiritual consciousness to enter Xu Ying’s sea of ??consciousness to help him suppress the backlash of the Avenue of Annihilation. However, as soon as his spiritual consciousness came into contact with Xu Ying, he disappeared without a trace.
“It’s over now.”
Dao Zongyuan was helpless and said to himself, “Now I can only hope that he will comprehend the Great Way of Nirvana, refine th