ower of heaven and earth from half of the Jingjie and the entire Hongyuan rushed towards Dao Shengzi!

Dao Shengzi was still dreaming about Xu Ying’s idea and trying to create this kind of magical power, when the big bell had already arrived in front of him!
Without thinking, he stretched out his hands to block it.
The flesh and blood of his palms and ten fingers all turned into the energy of chaos, revealing the dense white bones. Then his arms, chest, cheeks, hair, and clothes all turned into the energy of chaos!
/Daoshengzi turned into a white skeleton and stood there. The next moment, the white bones exploded and turned into the energy of chaos!
The big bell rushed into the darkness and headed straight for the Daoshengzi. At the same time, one after another Daoshengzi walked out.
The next Daoshengzi slapped on the wall of the bell. When he turned into the energy of chaos, he also knocked the big bell upside down and flew away!
Another Daoshengzi walked out of the darkness, only to be greeted by Chaos Lotus flying towards him.
The power of the Chaos Lotus is still far greater than that of the big bell. The layers of petals of the lotus vibrate one after another as if they were blown by the breeze.
Every time it vibrates, a Daoshengzi turns into powder!
The petals of the Chaos Lotus have twelve layers in total, each layer has seven petals. They vibrate eighty-four times continuously, and one Dao Shengzi after another explodes and dies!
However, in the darkness, Dao Shengzi came over again, with a smile on his face, and reached out to grab the Chaos Lotus.
At this moment, Xu Ying rushed out from behind the lotus. In an instant, countless figures changed in a thousand ways, and countless magical powers formed the sky, and they suddenly faced off against this Dao Shengzi.
“Xu Ying, are you exhausted? Are there any tricks you haven’t used yet?”
Dao Shengzi had a weird smile on his face, and his body suddenly exploded, revealing another Dao Shengzi behind him.
That Dao Shengzi’s reincarnation path has all been transformed into new Dao patterns, and his cultivation strength is better than before. With one finger, Xu Ying fell backwards quickly!
He thought he was going to fall into the sea of ??chaos, but found that was not the case, and that he was falling into reincarnation.
Falling into the Sea of ??Chaos, he will not die for a moment. There are hundreds of green rock tower ships hidden in his body. He only needs to sacrifice one to survive.
But falling into reincarnation made his heart sink, knowing that he had been possessed by Dao Shengzi’s magical power.
“Xu Ying, you are really a genius.”
Dao Shengzi’s voice came. Xu Ying was still falling. Looking up, he saw Dao Shengzi’s face occupying the entire sky.
He tried to fly up, but found that the various avenues in his body were chaotic and unable to be mobilized.
“There is also a great way to reincarnation.”
Dao Shengzi’s face still covered the sky, with a leisurely expression, and explained, “The reincarnation of the g