s eyes almost at the same time!

Clearly knowing that Yu Dynasty’s next appearance would shock the entire audience, the four of them still felt a huge sense of anticipation rising in their hearts!
This is one of the great things about this MV!
Anyone who sees this will have countless expectations in their hearts!
Finally, the Fish Dynasty entered behind the white curtain.
The guests did not continue to look around, holding wine glasses in their hands, chatting and laughing in twos and threes during the dinner.
The groom and bride were brought to the front of the curtain.
The curtain falls!
The gorgeous lineup of Yu Dynasty was exposed in front of everyone’s eyes, and the leader Xianyu was so handsome!
A piercing scream suddenly erupted from the scene!
The bride’s reaction!
The groom’s reaction!
Everyone’s reactions were accurately captured by the camera, and you can see them all!
at the same time!
Xianyu’s instantly recognizable and stunning falsetto suddenly brought the song to a climax, instantly igniting the atmosphere in the entire hall:
“Yes please!!!”
“Won”t you e and put it down on me!!!”
The climax is coming!
Perfect stuck point!
The classic singing style, combined with the visuals of the MV, are enough to satisfy anyone’s expectations for the previous plot!
Guests at the scene either screamed or were stunned.
/The four people in the dormitory were facing the screen, and their scalps were numb from the singing!
“Oh my God!!”
The boy in front of the computer was the first to exclaim, and it was exactly the same reaction as the guests at the scene!
“This song is so good!!!”
“Oh my god, I’m getting goosebumps. This image and the singing are so out of body!”
The other three people also exclaimed!
in video.
The Fish Dynasty singers were given close-ups one by one.
Everyone had a smile on their face, and each person sang:
“ht here, eed
Little love ahy
Yeah you show me good lovi alright
le sweetness in my life”
So handsome!
The whole hall almost turned into a big dance party!
Bride and groom kiss passionately!
The ups and downs of exclamations and surprises intertwined together, severely impacting the hearts of the audience!
/And just as the four people exclaimed.
A series of exclamations came from other dormitories in different dormitories!
“I love Fish Dynasty!”
“This MV sounds so good!”
“This song is so beautiful!”
“How come there is such a cool idea!”
“Are these weddings real? Are these things real? Everyone’s reactions are so real!”
“It must be true. It has been discussed on the Internet today. The Fish Dynasty fell from the sky without any prior arrangements. This is the most exciting MV I have ever seen!”
“How can you be so romantic!”
There are also many people in other dormitories watching the “sugar” MV at the same time.
The entire campus seemed to be shaken to a certain extent!
In fact.
The October season rankings start.
Xianyu’s song that hit the 12th consecutive title, how come