out on the street, she can’t show her legs above her knees. Your shorts are too short.”

out on the street, she can’t show her legs above her knees. Your shorts are too short.”
“Because it’s too hot. Okay, I understand, the weather in Egypt is really nice, but the sun is glaring, so it’s best to buy a hat.”
“Desert areas are like this. My bucket list includes hiking in the Sahara Desert and visiting the pyramids, but I’m not ready to enter the desert this time. We’ll talk about it later. The rainy season is here, maybe we can do it this time Let’s go and see the African savannah. It’s not far from here. You can rent a few helicopters.”
After hearing this, Prince William became interested and immediately raised his hand to sign up: “Take me with you to count as one!”
Entering the city.
I was already mentally prepared, but I was still slightly shocked.
The road was quite narrow, and various cars caused congestion. Many people led camels on the street, leaving a lot of poop, which was so big that it was not cleaned up.
The ancient mausoleums and residential buildings are close together and have become dilapidated due to disrepair over time.
Ancient stone sculptures with a history of three thousand years are randomly placed at the door. Three thousand years is not a long time, and there are quite a few sculptures with a history of six thousand years here.
Han Xuan thought carefully and immediately decided to purchase a batch for home decoration. He once wanted to buy a potbelly sculpture on Easter Island, but unfortunately he failed in the end. The United Nations put them on the cultural heritage protection list and no trading was allowed.
/On the streets, both men and women wear long robes and headscarves. Everyone knows where this custom came from. From ideas to living habits, it was influenced by surrounding countries, so ancient Egyptian culture no longer exists.
Even in urban areas, there are not many houses with doors and windows. The European-style neighborhoods have a slightly cleaner environment and are reserved for wealthy people.
The Nile River divides the city of Cairo into two parts: heaven and hell. The east bank has been abandoned by the Egyptian government, which is unable to carry out demolition. In the past few years, it was decided to build a new city west of the river.
Nowadays, many local wealthy people buy land to build houses and move their families to Hexi. The commercial district and the new government office building have also been moved to the other side of the river.
According to the investigation information that Secretary Dawson previously told Han Xuan, the little girl’s grandfather lives on the west side of the Nile River. As one of the few billionaires in Egypt, he has the ability to live a luxurious life.
After roughly understanding what the east bank of the Nile looked like, Han Xuan felt that there was nothing to do, so he asked the police to take him to the west of the river in Arabic.
/After crossing the old bridge, we finally chose to stay at the Hilton Hotel, a new building just built here. It is considered the most luxurious hotel in