udgment was extremely accurate, and he was confident enough. Unfortunately, later on, Ge Mang was still too superstitious about his own tricks.

The more powerful and perfect the trick is, the more traceable it is. Generally speaking, this is a good judgment.
As for the reactions and judgments that Lu Yuetian said, Wang Meng never thought that they were all instincts ravaged by the godhead.
When fighting against the godhead, you would die ugly if you were just a little bit close. Wang Meng had already trained this kind of response into his body’s memory.
/It’s just that the godhead is too simple and crude, and all attacks are simplified. This is helpful for Wang Meng’s reaction and vision, but it is not very good at improving his own ability and tempering spells. An opponent like Ge Mang is the most wonderful – of.
But then Wang Meng’s sky message flashed, and Wang Meng found that he had an extra thousand high-grade spiritual stones.
Wang Meng, who had been in poverty for a long time, did not react for a while. He was a little grateful to the other party. Logically speaking, for such a good sparring partner, in the mortal world, he should treat him to a meal or something. As a result,
Damn it, when luck comes, nothing can stop it.
In this case, he can buy the alchemy furnace. ***, once he has money, he can buy one and throw away the other.
Wang Meng was very happy. In order to maintain a good mood, he did not go to the Heaven and Earth Spirit Locking Formation to seek abuse.
At this time, the Queen’s camp was completely silent.
Ge Mang locked himself in the room and never came out. Losing so miserably in front of everyone would be uncomfortable even for an unknown person, let alone Ge Mang.
“Who is this kid? He’s pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger. Let me know who he is. I will never be done with him!” Mo Wuzheng said.
Although they often bickered, everyone knew that he actually had the best relationship with Ge Mang.
/Mingyue Shi Shiran walked towards the door, “No matter who he is, as long as he still appears, he is not far away from showing up.
Mingyue doesn’t give face to anyone except the Queen, and everyone has long been accustomed to it.
“Ling Huo, Xiao Wu, we can’t just let this matter go. Our brothers have been screwed, and we must make things right. I think this matter might be related to the Dragon King camp, and it might even be someone they poached. pit!”
Mo Wuzheng’s sinister nature showed up, and the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. The struggle between the three camps was very fierce. Among the Five Star Lords, the other four were more cautious and would not reveal any flaws. But Ge Mang was the most impulsive, and knowing him well Everyone knows that he is aggressive, especially if he likes this kind of thing. I’m afraid this is a conspiracy from beginning to end.
Ling Huo shrugged, “No matter who he is, just find a way to find him.”
“For this guy to be able to control Yuan Li so well, either his Yuan Li only has twenty levels, or it is above forty levels.”