an and killed your whole clan, which is already very restrained.

an and killed your whole clan, which is already very restrained.
Xu Qiusheng was not annoyed, and just smiled slightly, “It seems that the Zhao family has a lot of opinions on me.”
Zhao Xinxin raised her eyelids, looked at him, and uttered four words disdainfully, “You are worthy of it?”
“Haha,” Xu Qiusheng was not angry, but laughed heartily, “That’s right, I did take the liberty.”
Zhao Xinxin ignored him at all, drooped her eyelids, and was busy with herself.
“Invite Mr. Li from your restaurant,” Xu Qiusheng glanced around, “I have something to say. Let’s prepare a private room first.” It
was very simple to prepare a private room, but Li Yongsheng, who was present at the scene, did not go to the private room at all, but turned around and left. “He wanted to talk to me, so he came to the backyard to find me.”
Xu Qiusheng didn’t eat for long, but he ordered a few luxurious dishes and spent more than eighty silver dollars.
At the end of the meal, Li Yongsheng was not seen. He was still not angry. He just called the waiter over, “Where is Mr. Li after we paid?”
“Mr. Li is in the backyard,” the waiter replied with a smile.
“Please lead the way,” Mr. Xu raised his hand to signal.
From the back door of the restaurant, he took the beautiful nun and went straight to the backyard. Many people in the restaurant saw it.
Li Yongsheng acted like this because he wanted others to see that it was Xu Qiusheng who took the initiative to come to the backyard to meet him.
Zhao Xinxin tilted her head and looked at this scene indifferently. She wanted to follow him to watch the fun, but in the end she suppressed her curiosity.
/Li Yongsheng was in the backyard, inspecting his carriage, especially the protective formation on it. He looked very carefully.
The waiter said hello, “Mr. Li, Mr. Xu is here.”
Li Yongsheng replied without raising his head, “I understand, go and do your work.”
The waiter turned around and left. He continued to study the carriage, not wanting to follow him at all. The meaning of what the other person said.
The face of the beautiful female cultivator suddenly dropped, and she turned her head to look at Xu Qiusheng, “Shall we go?”
Mr. Xu was also very angry. How dare a small tailor dare to put on such airs with him?
How long had it been since I had been so insulted?
But he couldn’t leave yet. Ever since he collected the fees, the other party had made more troubles every time. This time it was Xiang Zuo who came forward. He couldn’t imagine what kind of trouble it would be next time.
He waited for more than ten breaths, coughed lightly, and tried his best to smile, “Mr. Li, can we talk to you?”
“Stop talking,” Li Yongsheng waved his hand and spoke without raising his head, “You can’t see me. Are you busy?”
The smile suddenly froze on Xu Qiusheng’s face. At this moment, he was ashamed and annoyed, and he really wanted to turn around and leave.
Of course, this is just a thought.
Li Yongsheng checked the incense for enough time before he sat down on the steps under the e