time was over, the Mavericks led 58 to 53.

time was over, the Mavericks led 58 to 53.
“These guys are so good at throwing and running.”
O’Neal couldn’t help but sigh at the Warriors’ style of play.
Three points, plus counterattack and fast break.
From Sun Hao’s perspective, this is the so-called “magic ball” style of play of the future Houston team under D’Antoni’s leadership.
The only difference is that this Warriors team is not as talented as I am, and the era they live in is not so friendly to this style of play.
To a certain extent, D’Antoni is “stealing a lesson.”
/And what he said before, Nelson’s understanding of Johnson and the Mavericks also plays a crucial role.
The most obvious thing is that Nelson has been using the outside to misplace Nowitzki, first Mike Dunleavy, then Matt Barnes, and sometimes Jason Richardson.
Johnson likes to use Nowitzki as the center to pull him to the top of the key. This defensive strategy will eat him up.
In the second half, Kobe’s touch dropped, Nowitzki’s performance was still poor, and the situation began to shift toward the Warriors.
Kobe Bryant scored 31 points to no avail, Nowitzki only scored 14 points on 4 of 16 shots!
For the Warriors, Baron Davis went wild and scored 33 points, 14 rebounds and 8 assists! Jamison scored 22 points and Richardson scored 21 points! The team made 12 of 30 three-pointers!
“These guys just played like this for a whole game.”
O’Neal was still lamenting the Warriors.
Sun Hao said with a smile.
Although it sounds strange, it now seems that even with Kobe, this Mavericks team may still be hacked?
In the forum after the game, because of the Warriors’ upset, all the fans’ attention was focused on this game.
“The Mavericks won’t really be hacked, right?”
“What a bastard! Dirk’s touch is just bad! How could he be hacked when I’m here!” ”
/That’s right, Kobe Janowitzki, If this can still be hacked, I will do a live broadcast of standing on my head and eating shit!”
“Brother Shit-eating appears again!”
“Brother Serious appears again!”
“Although I also think it is very difficult, I am looking forward to Black Eight!”
“Black eight is very exciting! And in this way, as long as our Lakers beat the Spurs, they will be sent to the Western Conference Finals, and the probability of defending the title will be greatly increased!” ”
So this is a return gift from Nelson to his former disciple Sun Hao?”
“Then Sun Hao Hao’s contract expires and he switches to the Warriors? Starts the Warriors dynasty?”
“I think this script can be possible!” ”
I wonder if Kobe will be awarded the MVP this year. If he is given, he will be blackballed again.”
“His name will go down in history!”
” It is false that the franchise will remain in history, but it is true that it may be disbanded next season.”
The four games are Nets VS Bucks, Pistons VS Celtics, Nuggets VS Clippers, and Suns VS Kings.
Fans wanted to see if the Bucks really did what Australia’s No. 2 player said: “This is the best position.”
But by the time the game was over, the fans could only laugh.