s woman who crazily loves power will naturally not refuse, especially when Han Xuan offers an incentive bonus of US$100,000 a year.

s woman who crazily loves power will naturally not refuse, especially when Han Xuan offers an incentive bonus of US$100,000 a year.
He didn’t know that he would get into some trouble in the future because of this, and the FBI would even come to him to “check the water meter.”
From today’s perspective, establishing a good relationship with the future US Secretary of State is very beneficial to the company’s development.
This is pretty much what happened recently.
Han Xuan plans to personally visit the Maldives in a few days. He had previously promised to acquire and develop a number of companies in the Maldives to promote local economic development.
This time he is going to fulfill his promise to build momentum for Hamill and make his presidency more secure.
At this moment, Isabelle was buried in a pile of documents.
While calculating the dizzyingly complex formula, he said: “My grandfather probably wanted me to participate in the family business in advance.
After returning this time, he gave me an initial start-up capital and asked me to invest on my own. Business, no matter what you invest in.
I feel that other people in the family are biased against me because of this, and my father sent a few more bodyguards to follow me.
If I am not wrong, my grandfather may hope to hand over the family business to me in the future. Those words he said to me on the hospital bed clearly meant that.
But I know nothing about how to do business, and I have no interest. It seems that I found out after a few books that I have no talent for business. Can you help give me some advice?
Assistants choose There is a chain pharmacy seller named CVS Health. What do you think of me acquiring it?”
Han Xuan knew nothing about this company that would become one of the world’s top 500 companies. After all, he lived in China in his previous life. How could he know? The American chain drugstore said at this time:
“Tell me about the development model of that company, and I will help you analyze its prospects. Also, how much start-up capital did your grandfather give you?” ”
Add a bunch of stocks and securities, It is estimated to be around 400 million U.S. dollars. The specific statistics have not yet been calculated. The money is scattered among more than ten banks. It is too chaotic.”
When Isabelle said this, it was as if her parents had given her For $10, go to the supermarket and buy something to eat.
When Han Xuan first started his business, he did not receive such great support from his family. He couldn’t help but exclaimed: “It is indeed one of the oldest families in the Republic of Brazil. They are so rich. Recently, they are too poor to afford steak. Help Let me take a moment, little rich woman?”
/“Don’t laugh at me, I’m discussing this issue with you seriously.”
/Isabelle said, raising her head to look at Anya who was standing in the corner drawing, “Why do you like this idiot? ?”
Anya turned around in confusion, blinked her eyes, and said calmly: “I have known him for a long time. I was still young at