These are actually laying the groundwork for the outcome of the 2009 Asian Championships.

These are actually laying the groundwork for the outcome of the 2009 Asian Championships.
Of course, that is history, and the current situation is completely different from history. The Chinese team is playing this game under the guise of Olympic champions.
It’s just that if Yao Ming and Sun Hao don’t play, the game will still be suspenseful.
There was no news before Sun Hao came to the national team to “explore the camp”. His sudden appearance greatly improved the morale of the Chinese team.
That night, the Chinese team ushered in the first opponent of the Asian Championships, the Iranian team.
/The Asian Championship is also held every four years. At this time, Haddadi was just a substitute. The star of the Iranian team was known as “Iran Yao Ming”, Jaber, who is 2.23 meters tall.
There are no tigers in the mountains, and monkeys are kings. At the beginning of the game, Jaber took advantage of his height advantage to grab consecutive offensive rebounds over Battle’s head.
/In this round, Jaber perfectly demonstrated the phrase “basketball is a game for giants”.
But he is only handsome for three seconds. After all, he is not the real Yao Ming. His flexibility and movement speed are far worse than Yao Ming.
After he barely suppressed Battelle’s shot, Yi Jianlian assisted in defense and fanned the ball directly out of the court!
This ball made the Qatari fans at the scene wet.
Moreover, the Iranian team failed to attack. After the transition from offense to defense, Yi Jianlian faked a shot and passed Jaber, and directly made a tomahawk dunk that made the Qatari fans wet again.
With this attack and defense, Yi Jianlian vividly displayed this word that should not have appeared.
Yao Ming and Sun Hao are not playing, but the Chinese team still has Yi Jianlian!
Yi Jianlian’s opening performance also boosted the morale of the Chinese team.
Yi Jianlian scored 10 points and 3 rebounds in a single quarter, which was a very strong performance.
This obviously feels like a leapfrog.
Sun Hao was also delighted to see this performance.
Because his record in leading the team is not as good as Yao Ming’s, Yi Jianlian has often been criticized in various ways in his history. Even he himself can only say “I am definitely unqualified as a leader” to describe himself.
But in fact, even Yi Jianlian in history, although restrained, has always been qualified as a leader.
The 30+12 score against Spain in London in 2004 and the lone heroic performance against Nigeria in the 2019 Men’s Basketball World Cup are all proof.
Now Yi Jianlian has become stronger and his leadership temperament has become more abundant.
This was also evident in subsequent games.
Although Hadas and Bahrami have not yet grown up, the Iranian team is no longer weak.
If Sun Hao had watched this game, he would have been deeply impressed.
Because even though Yao Ming played a dominant performance, the Iranian team still took the lead in the first half.
If Yao Ming hadn’t beaten both Jaber and Hadas to six fouls in the sec