like a sister and a little follower. Even though crossing the sea was so dangerous, she resolutely followed him and left with Yan Qingyan.

“How could it be her?” Aoki was surprised at first, and then extremely sympathetic.
Although they fought against each other, they later became familiar friends. In the last years of the myth, the little white tiger spent all day in Huang Ming’s banished immortal tea house. People like them were common at that time.
Lao Zhong also felt the same way. Relatively speaking, they were more stable when they followed Guban across the border and did not encounter such bad things.
The white tiger girl is really miserable now. Why did she end up in the Colosseum?
The round-faced girl was covered in wounds, with bones exposed on her arms, her hair stained with blood, and her face full of stubbornness. She struggled to fight against a mechanical snake man.
Even one of her furry ears was cut off by her opponent’s sword, and her blood flowed profusely.
/The battle scenes are in the form of three-dimensional projections, which are like real reproductions. Moreover, they are right in front of Wang Xuan and others, making them immersed in the scene, as if they are in the middle of it.
Therefore, at this moment, they all secretly clenched their fists and felt angry in their hearts. This was an old friend with a very good relationship, who had ended up in this situation.
This is a promotional video and a collection of highlights. It tells the story of the last battle. In the end, one of the arms of the round-faced white tiger girl was almost chopped off. She received a slash of sword energy on her chest and between her eyebrows. She suffered heavy injuries and fell down bloody.
Her opponent, the mechanical snake man, was crushed by her with difficulty and died.
Obviously, Little White Tiger’s cute girly face is very popular, so there is this kind of promotional video, and it is predicted that her next fight will be held in half a month.
“The next battle, the collision between the beautiful white tiger girl and the beast will be even more passionate.”
“There will be a grand finale at the end, where the quasi-beast king in the heaven-level realm will have a decisive battle with the undefeated immortal Yuan Lin.”
The three-dimensional projection advertisements on the tall buildings also announced other prestigious participants, which was a warm-up for the next battle in the Palace of Beasts.
Wang Xuan did not move and watched quietly. Although he wanted to rush into the Colosseum immediately to rescue the little white tiger, he knew very well that this kind of place was difficult to mess with and he had to take a long-term approach.
Because this is the outer world, a place where strangers live.
Especially this giant city is quite famous, its name is Beast City, and the water behind it is very deep.
This city that combines technology and mythology has hundreds of various types of colosseums. Among them, the most famous and powerful one is the Colosseum Palace. It is the only one that occ