own, gloomy, terrifying, with regular textures.

Wang Xuan avoided it, not having to contend with the crazy beast, and disappeared into the forest. He suspected that he had entered a dojo of the most alien person, or even the territory of a true saint.
“Did you hear the last words on the phone?” he asked Yu Daoqi.
“I heard it.” Yu Daoqi said.
Wang Xuan took a deep breath, trying to calm down, but there were still veins on his head. This time he was really pissed off by the strange thing on his cell phone.
What I see and experience now is beyond the original line of cause and effect. It is an accidental event and does not belong to the destiny trajectory that should be hedged and balanced. It is an unexpected change.
The cause of all this was naturally the strange thing on the mobile phone. He said he made a proactive decision and entered the venue early, but he was inexplicably caught with a cloth bag.
What made him angry the most was that he just took a picture of the strange object on his mobile phone and left without paying any attention to it.
“Destiny is full of variables, and life is full of accidents.” In the giant bronze palace, a golden vortex flashed, and the strange mobile phone returned to the secret room.
“Actually, it’s not a coincidence. There are traces of cause and effect. During the battle in the Bronze Giant Palace, he was targeted and he was destined to have trouble.”
I reviewed the rare objects on my mobile phone and studied the trajectory of this incident. Finally, I did not forget to take a supplementary photo of this bronze chamber.
On the majestic mountain, the silver-haired young man had a straight nose and slightly deep eye sockets. He observed the crazy beast below, then looked at Wang Xuan, and said to himself: “Is that all you have the talent of a peerless demon king? The strongest person in the realm of true immortals. One of them, undefeated at the same level? Ridiculous. Since you have such a big reputation, it would be interesting to become one of the aliens and monsters in this garden, waiting to be hunted, haha.”
“The appearance, spirit, and aura are different. There are some ways. Mark it first. This beast is special. Don’t get lost.” The silver-haired young man Weibo said calmly, and the light golden rope in his hand floated.
In the dense forest, Wang Xuan, who was carrying the imperial flag, heard him muttering to himself the whole time. He had murderous intentions in his heart, but he had to restrain himself.
He was worried that this was the territory of the True Saint. If otherworldly creatures were provoked, he would be in big trouble!
Silently, a pale golden rope coiled in the sky, like a net, and did not fall. However, its texture was entangled, directly imprisoning all the scenery on the earth below, and trapping time!
Wang Xuan stood still. He had super prohibited items on him. If he counterattacked, he would naturally not be able to stop him.
/Yu Daoqi sent a message and said: “Don’t worry, let’s first see if there are any so-called true saints and if ther