A city lord holding a spear was attacking Leng Mei. He was very conscious. He was frightened and ran away as fast as possible.
But it was still too late. The grass, vines and flowers bloomed, bringing with them wisps of chaotic light, which instantly hit him. With a pop, he exploded, destroying both body and soul!
/Then, the grass and vines continued unabated and flew towards the tall knight sitting on the white unicorn, and the flowery light rain expanded forward.
With a click, the halberd in the tall knight’s hand broke and shattered, and then cracks appeared in the armor on his body. He flew backwards and activated the holy objects in his soul to block it.
He escaped, but his mount, the rotting white unicorn, exploded and died.
The other city lords quickly retreated and left this dangerous area.
“Grass vines carry the charm of Dao and directly lead to the traces of Dao. It looks like a delicate flower, but it is killing the opponent in the simplest, roughest, and even domineering way.”
Wang Xuan realized the characteristics of grass and vines, mainly because the flower was showing its power, which can be called “Tao flower”.
“Huh?” His heart moved. The moment Cao Teng left, his soul once again emitted a dazzling light, which was about to illuminate the sky and the earth.
With a swipe sound, he recalled the “Daohua” and used it to cover up, not wanting everyone to know that there were two holy objects in his soul.
The mysterious hourglass appeared, and in an instant, it became vigorous, shining brightly, illuminating the entire time and space.
Wang Xuan stirred the grass and vines, making them shine like the sun across the sky. All parties did not think much about it, because they never thought that he would have two holy objects.
The hourglass flew out and entered the sea of ??thunder, with Daohua accompanying it to help cover it and isolate it from the outside world.
Leng Mei was stunned. She was the closest and had been paying attention to Kong Xuan. She found something unusual. He seemed to have two holy objects? It’s totally against common sense!
“Moo!” Fudao Niu was also approaching. He noticed it and was startled. The cow’s eyes almost popped out. How could this be possible? !
He had suspected it a long time ago, and now it was verified that there really was an unknown holy object. At this time, it gradually became clear and revealed.
It was a mass of chaotic matter, and something was gestating in it.
Everything was still as expected. He watched calmly and still didn’t notice how it was born. It just appeared in a sudden flash.
“Where did the holy object come from and how did it take shape?” He whispered, but now was not the time to be distracted, he was staring at the sky.
Hourglass also recovered from the catastrophe and is undergoing nirvana.
It turned into a whirlpool, spinning there, attracting a large amount of lightning to sink into it, and then every grain of sand became crystal clear, as if it had been reborn in a certain sense!
“If you are used by me, you can live forev