t’s go. Be careful next time. You’re frizzy.” Qian Qianqian said “oh”.

t’s go. Be careful next time. You’re frizzy.” Qian Qianqian said “oh”.
/After taking a few steps, a slow and leisurely voice came from behind.
If you say stop, I will stop. Isn’t that a shame for me? Yin Kuang curled his lips and muttered in his heart. Holding Qian Qianqian’s weak and boneless hand, she walked towards the Shadow Wutong Forest without stopping for a moment. In the past, Yin Kuang would have been more concerned about the sophomore. But at this moment, why should Yin Kuang worry? After “Silent Hill” and this time “Life and Death”, Yin Kuang’s strength has doubled and he has abundant capital. So what if he is a sophomore? Furthermore, he has now become a mortal enemy of Long Ming, the most powerful person in the sophomore year. Is there anything worse than this? Since Long Ming, Yin Kuang no longer has to be cautious in front of the sophomore.
/“Yo!” Looking at Yin Kuang’s retreating back, the fat man with red phoenix eyes couldn’t help laughing, and hooked his index finger, “Cripple him!” Do
you need a reason to hit someone? Just one sentence! The four beautiful beauties behind the fat man with red phoenix eyes flashed and surrounded Yin Kuang and Qian Qianqian with a “whoosh”. The armored female general shook her long snake spear, and even a pair of breasts on her chest trembled three times, and said: “I thought that after a few scenes, I would be so powerful. Huh! I will teach you a lesson today. You are not a waste.” The self-consciousness of a waste!”
The gentle woman in ancient costume said calmly: “Why talk so much nonsense. Just cripple him as Brother Tian said.” He stretched out his long sleeves and held a cold light sword in his hand. The woman in silver cloth said: “I think it’s better to drag him to a non-safe area and kill him directly.” Although she said this, she and the woman in magic robe had no intention of taking action. Apparently he felt that two people doing it was enough.
The fat man who was called “Brother Tian” narrowed his eyes even more narrowly. He looked at him carefully in front of Yin Kuang in the corridor. Suddenly he seemed to think of something and waved: “Who is it? It turns out to be you. Xiong Bana You have inherited a lot of the big guy’s bad temper, but I don’t know how much of his strength you have inherited. His greedy wolf soul can at least compete with Brother Long, but I don’t know how much you weigh. Beauty, It’s better to go together, we may not be able to deal with him if there are fewer people.” Obviously, the fat man with red and phoenix eyes seemed to recognize Yin Kuang.
Yin Kuang remained silent. First of all, I was too lazy to speak. Secondly, what you say is nonsense. Although there are people in colleges and universities who can conquer the world with one mouth, Yin Kuang doesn’t bother to do it. But after listening to the words of the fat man with red and phoenix eyes, Yin Kuang said: “Are you Long Ming’s dog?” As soon as he spoke, he was extremely sharp. Answer “yes” and you admit he is a dog! The answer was “no”, and in the