this time.

He thought about what the fifth-level Bishop Cameron was wearing, and couldn’t help but feel lucky. Since the fifth-level Bishop Cameron passed through the planet-level portal with makeup, he did not have the artifact ‘Dark Shadow’ on him, but an ordinary piece of clothing. noble robes.
If Cameron, the fifth-level bishop, was wearing the artifact ‘Dark Shadow’, and David underestimated the enemy, thinking that the robe had no defense, the result would probably not be what it is now.
/Thinking about the terrifying body of the fifth-level Bishop Cameron, fortunately the artifact ‘Dark Shadow’ has its own dust removal effect, but it did not leave any stains on the ‘Dark Shadow’.
But the biggest question at the moment is whether this ‘Dark Shadow’ can be worn publicly, and whether it will cause dissatisfaction with the five major temples.
Now that he was on Garmis, David didn’t have to worry about this problem. With a thought, he recognized the master of the artifact ‘Dark Shadow’, and the artifact ‘Dark Shadow’ instantly appeared on him.
/Through the Shadow Attendant on the side, he discovered that after wearing the ‘Dark Shadow’, his aura immediately changed, and a strange aura with a shadowy nature was revealed on his body.
If anyone saw David at this time, they would definitely think of him as a level five evil god believer, and this aura alone was proof.
David then looked around, looking for a shadow, and found that he seemed to have chosen an open area when setting up the trap, but there was no shadow around.
He couldn’t help but laugh. This is the fifth-level Bishop Cameron. If the fifth-level Bishop Cameron is lucky, as long as there is a shadow here, he may have the possibility of turning over.
David’s spirit opened up and put away all the thirty magic circles and temporary portals on the ground. The magic circles and portals were all intact. This was not easy. In the life-and-death battle of a fifth-level powerhouse, the teleportation was close at hand. Neither the door nor the magic circle was affected.
The main reason was that he didn’t give Cameron, the fifth-level bishop, a chance to pack everything up. He jumped into the air and headed towards the castle.
David came to the castle and was in the shadows. He activated the ‘Shadow of Shadow’ on the artifact ‘Dark Shadow’ and his figure disappeared instantly.
This kind of disappearance is somewhat similar to the disappearance of the ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’ and the Shadow Warrior. They both enter another space, but it seems that the God of Shadows has a better understanding of space than the latter, or it may be because the three functions are different. , after David entered the shadow state, he blended into the shadow of the castle, which did not affect his contact with the surrounding objects.
Although this is beneficial for assassination, it restricts his movement, allowing him to only walk in the shadows and cannot pass through walls and other objects.
When the Elephant ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’ enters the ‘invisible’ state, it can pass