t need to care about his opinion, David needed to give Speaker Gould face and let the nobles see Speaker Gould’s influence.

Being able to influence the powerful ‘Invincible Knight’ Lord Arthur, or this matter of life and death, can greatly increase Speaker Gould’s influence.
“Lord Arthur, thank you!” Speaker Gould looked at David with a smile and bowed solemnly.
His gratitude was not for the fifth-level Templar Arvid, but for himself. He knew very well why David let the Liton family go.
/The reason why Speaker Gould came to mediate was because he did not want David to have conflicts with the temple due to the Liton family matter.
Speaker Gould also paid no attention to the Litton family. Arvid’s plea as a fifth-level Templar was not the reason, but to help David.
“We don’t have to be like this anymore. These are the dishes for dinner. If you don’t have time to eat here, just take them back!” David took an empty space ring, put some dishes in it, and threw it to Speaker Gould. said.
“Then I’m not welcome!” Speaker Gould laughed and put it away. He turned around and returned to the Guardian Star through the planet-level teleportation gate.
David checked the space ring while flying. Inside Count Abe’s space ring, there were Count Abe’s equipment, which were all top-level fifth-level knight equipment. There were also ten ‘Perfect Level Kryptonite’ and dozens of books. Books inherited from the Lytton family, etc.
It can be seen that Arvid’s fifth-level Templar has not touched this space ring, and it is very likely that he has not even checked it. This is an attitude.
David took another look at Earl Abe’s body. He had a lot of experience in this area, and he could tell at a glance that Earl Abe had just been killed and put into the space ring.
This can be confirmed by the fact that some of the activity in Earl Abe’s body has not disappeared.
It’s just a pity that David did not kill Earl Abe himself and did not obtain the fifth-level soul origin of Earl Abe. This made David need to consume one of his own fifth-level soul clones if he wanted to resurrect Earl Abe.
At the same time, it is very likely that Earl Abe’s own natural abilities will not appear because the soul and body are not compatible enough.
Of course, this aspect is not a big problem. After being able to copy the ‘Swordsmanship’ rules talent ability, any fifth-level Templar clone can master the ‘Swordsmanship’ rules talent ability, thereby soaring its combat power to the legendary level. Invincible.
As for Earl Abe’s energy clone, it will take a long time to slowly re-condensate.
David continued to practice mastering the ‘rules of power’ and ‘rules of speed’ on Garmi. During this period, there were several wars between the Zerg in the Chaotic Star Territory and the Divine World and the Interstellar Federation, but the scale was not large.
/The war was in a relatively stable state, which allowed David to practice in peace.
In the city of Memu Xingmu in the Volgo Star Territory of the Interstellar Federation, a grand Star Wars promotional concert