ther it was mana, innate soul, or the derivation of the soul.

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The physical quality of the innate god far exceeds that of his innate Taoist Immortal Body, which has not been fully developed before.
At this time, he seemed to be integrated with the laws of heaven and earth, and a steady stream of magnificent power was integrated into his body from the depths of the origin of heaven and earth, which had the disadvantage of losing mana.
This is the restorative power of the innate gods.
Life is endless, creation is immortal.
At this time, under his feet, the Mountains and Rivers Sheji Map evolved into an infinite flame bombardment, and time and space were reversed. Countless golden lights fell from his sky, completely suppressing the jagged green dragon.
The root of the Vine Dragon Demon Commander is the ancient alien Vine Dragon.
The Vine Dragon is also one of the dragon species of the genus Wood.
With his supreme Taoism, he transformed into the body of a superior blue dragon.
This green dragon’s physique is extremely powerful. Zhang Jian used the Golden Crow Fission Technique to bombard it like this, and coupled with Shanhe Sheji Tu’s preparation, he was still able to withstand it.
Zhang Jian glanced at it and ignored it. Qinglong, who was completely suppressed, could no longer make any waves.
Next, he had to free his hands to take care of this Nine Infant Demonic Dragon.
There are also some outside demon gods and outside demon gods peeping in the void.
This filth should be cleaned up once and for all.
At this time, divine light appeared all over his body, and the body of the innate god also emerged from the depths of the sea of ????fire.
The magnificent divine light emerged, and in an instant the magnificent divine light burst out like a vast ocean, covering the entire Three Saints Palace, suppressing all the ocean-like demonic energy rising into the sky.
When Zhang Jian revealed his true form, many surrounding demon gods looked even more horrified when they saw this scene.
That innate divine light filled the air, and some of the slower-moving powerful demon gods actually felt that they could no longer move. A magnificent divine light quickly filled the air, covering the entire Moyun Ridge in an instant.
Chapter 467: Both are innate
After the innate divine light burst out, Zhang Jian’s rare matrix spell followed.
The Nine Turns of the Wish-Wishful Kalachakra Sutra.
Huangting Blessed Land Dafa!
/Nine Nether Corpse Sloughing Technique!
Taiyin Ice Soul Divine Light!
Small Heavenly Reincarnation Dharma!
Five layers of immortal magic emerged from Zhang Jian’s hands, and five rays of light swept across the void, turning into a huge reincarnation white hole in an instant.
This is a combination of spells that Zhang Jian specially selected from combination spells such as the Mountains and Rivers Sheji Diagram.
This is just one of the combinations.
Once these matrix-type spells are cast, the mutual exclusion between them is eliminated, and the power they exert after recombination is