The sealed examination office is a monk after all. The examination is quick and confidential, because in many cases the power of a monk should not be easily known or understood even by his companions.

Facing the two examiners, Zhu Peng looked relaxed and comfortable. A year ago, when Zhu Tiejai went to the frontline battlefield, Zhu Peng already had the cultivation level of the third level of clear breath.
At this moment, a year later, Zhu Peng has pushed his cultivation to the peak state of the fourth level of Qi refining under the masochistic practice. He is not a little bit higher than Master Li, and he can break through to it anytime and anywhere. The fifth level of Qi refining is even marked on the “Celestial Ruler”. Compared to his age, his cultivation level is already among the best in the world. Not everyone can achieve this in this age of Dharma Ending. , at the age of eleven or twelve, he pushed his own cultivation to the peak of the fourth level of Qi refining, not to mention that Zhu Peng’s body refining practice also did not fall behind at all.
/Chapter 035: Master Examination, Iron Hand Gossip
However, facing the two examiners in front of him, Zhu Peng had no intention of showing his full cultivation level. Although he only needed to release the aura of the fourth level peak of the Qi Refining Stage, the two examiners in front of him would immediately change their expressions and give him the go-ahead. Passed, but at this moment, Zhu Peng has not yet stepped into the family’s focus of observation. Maintaining a certain low profile will also be of considerable benefit to his planning in the family.
Therefore, what Zhu Peng showed was only the cultivation level of the middle stage of the second level of Mingxi. This level of cultivation is a lower-middle level in the entire Zongxue School, which is quite consistent with Zhu Peng’s performance all the time. Fortunately, this kind of assessment does not all depend on Qi refining cultivation. If it really only looked on Qi refining cultivation, it would not be called an assessment, but should be called “registration”.
Looking at Zhu Peng, an examiner picked up a pen and sketched twice on a piece of paper. His mental state was far lower than Zhu Peng’s, and his Qi refining state was not much higher than Zhu Peng’s. Of course, he was blinded by Zhu Peng’s aura, not to mention that he He simply didn’t expect that someone would hide his or her cultivation during the festival assessment, so after quickly sketching it, he asked in a routine and calm manner: “Okay, student No. 23, do you have any Taoist skills that you are proud of? Please tell us in front of us.” Show it, if not, then I have to regretfully tell you that with your level of cultivation, you may face the possibility of being sent away from your family.”
/Zhu Peng didn’t wait for the examiner to finish speaking. He raised his arms and raised his hands, showing a powerful boxing ceremony. At the same time, this action was also one of the starting moves of the Iron Shou Bagua. Zhu Peng’s starting m