atmosphere above the hall and seemed to intend to lighten the atmosphere.

Not sure if it was because Qingping Longjun was making jokes, or because the reputation of Demon-Slaying Lord was intimidating, many monks in the hall quickly looked away from Zhang Jian.
When Zhang Jian saw this, he felt a little regretful. At this time, he hoped that someone would turn their backs, so that he could take advantage of the opportunity to establish his power and make another round of ‘advertisement’ for the Xia Dynasty.
When it comes to recruiting talents, there is nothing more popular than Emperor Wei Jia from overseas, and it is easier to impress those cultivators who admire Qiang.
The banquet gradually dispersed in a lively and harmonious atmosphere.
But the excitement of the Neptune Festival is just the beginning.
/There is still one month left before the Neptune Festival.
In order to entertain the many guests who arrived early, Qingping Hailong Palace decided to build six arenas in the square in front of Hailong Palace.
Three of the six arenas are Bible debate arenas.
The third one is the Dharma Discrimination Arena, corresponding to the three levels of Jin Dan, Yin Shen, and Yuan Shen.
Six arenas were opened at the same time.
Each arena has jackpots or off-stage betting every day.
The winning numbers include skills, spiritual materials from heaven and earth, or special spiritual herbs and elixirs grown in Qingpinghai.
If anyone has confidence in themselves, they can go up and try their skills.
At this time in the courtyard, Bai Liying was obviously a little excited, especially among the many treasures that Qingping Hailong Palace took out, some of which were of great benefit to a dragon girl like Bai Liying who had dragon blood.
“Princess, since you want to participate, then go ahead!”
Zhang Jian has an encouraging attitude towards this type of fighting.
Bai Liying possesses many of his original secret techniques. The only difference is her experience in fighting. This kind of actual combat will be good for her.
Hearing this, Bai Liying’s eyes lit up and she said solemnly.
“Your Majesty, I will not embarrass Daxia!”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian smiled and said with a smile.
“Princess, with the ratio of spells you have mastered, there are not many people who can beat you in the golden elixir realm. But what you lack now is combat awareness. As long as you keep your rhythm steady, there will be no problems!”
Bai Liying nodded.
Bai Liying went to the Dharma Bench Platform, and Zhang Jian naturally wanted to go to hold the battle.
At the same time, Zhang Jian was also secretly inquiring about the fourth prince Xuan Li of Qingping Hailong Palace.
Zhang Jian has already inquired and found out that Dragon Lord Qingping has many dragon sons and grandsons under his command, especially the eldest prince Xuan Chou and the third prince Xuan An are famous among the dragon clan.
These two dragon princes both cultivated the body of a true dragon before they were less than eight hundred years old, which is equivalent