e to be polite. I’m just quiet and thoughtful, feel free to walk around!”

Taoist Yinghuo didn’t really believe it when he heard this, Zhang Jian just walked around casually.
But he also knew that this day would eventually come.
/His information is not closed.
Although the situation in Daqian seemed to be the same as when Emperor Jingwu was in power, he also found out that the current situation in the imperial court was almost arbitrary for Prime Minister Zhang.
Both civil and military affairs were dominated by the Zhang family.
This means that if Prime Minister Zhang wants to change the world, it will not be difficult in the future.
The Xingxiu Palace and Dongshen Temple are allies and have a close relationship with Daqian.
This must make a choice here.
Taoist Yinghuo was also mentally prepared at this time, and immediately introduced Zhang Jian into the Taoist temple.
Along the way, Zhang Jian saw many unique pavilions. These pavilions were hollow and ethereal, seemingly covered with countless silver-white runes, just like stars emerging from the sky, which was fascinating.
In these starlights, Zhang Jian saw danger and murderous intent.
This week, many fierce killing formations have been deployed in Tianguan.
Zhang Jian didn’t care about this and just commented.
“This place is quiet and quiet. Fellow Taoists from Xingxiu Palace feel peaceful and at ease!”
Taoist Yinghuo followed beside him and said with a slight smile: “Most of our disciples in Xingxiu Palace do not like to participate in worldly things, but prefer to delve into the way of cultivation! The road to immortality is what I want!”
A slight smile appeared on the corner of Zhang Jian’s mouth, Taoist Yinghuo was expressing his stance to him.
Seeing Zhang Jian’s noncommittal expression, Taoist Yinghuo secretly felt embarrassed.
Although Xingxiu Palace is not weak in strength, when it comes to its foundation, it is still not as good as those prominent Immortal Sects.
/He had sensed this Prime Minister Zhang very clearly during his previous battle in Guangyuan City in Beichu.
He single-handedly trapped the Sanxiang Patriarch of the Evil Demon Sect and other real people from Beichu Zhenguo.
This kind of strength is not something Xingxiu Palace can mess with.
Not to mention that there is a hidden sect like Kiriyama behind him.
Just seeking neutrality is probably very difficult!
“But if Prime Minister Zhang can prevent the disaster for Xingxiu Palace, it doesn’t mean he can’t change his stance.”
This thought flashed through Taoist Yinghuo’s mind at this moment.
Xingxiu Palace originally chose to form a cooperative alliance with Dongshen Temple. In addition to wanting to strengthen the luck of the Xingxiu Palace lineage and increase revenue and reduce expenditures, it also valued the power of Dongshen Temple and used the reputation of the Dongshen Sect’s ancestors to frighten the mortal enemies of Xingxiu Palace. This self-protection.
However, Taoist Yinghuo still had hesitation in his heart.
Nowadays, the ancestor of Dongshen Cult is no