r all, so when Qin Yanan changed back into the cheongsam after taking a bath, she saw that Liu Changan had already eaten a large portion of pig tails.

“So you are so good at eating.” Qin Yanan sighed with emotion, “It’s no wonder that birds of a feather flock together and smell alike.”
After a woman takes a bath, her whole body exudes a fresher and more charming fragrance, with a slightly moist breath, as delicate as a flower, as if the worldly dust she has acquired during the day has been washed away, and the taste is probably like a piece of snowflake steak on a frying pan?
“I eat only when it tastes good. Clearing the food is the greatest compliment to workers. This is also the basic etiquette of diners. I only heated up one portion, and watched the monitoring for the remaining portion before eating. I will get tired of eating too much at one time. It tastes quite good.” Liu Changan has now fully recognized Qin Yanan’s cooking skills. She doesn’t know how it tastes to others, but she has an amazing natural ability to understand his taste.
“You have a sweet mouth, I’ll reward you with one.”
/“What’s the reward?”
/“I’m just talking about it casually.” Qin Yanan was a little proud. It was actually the most satisfying to treat others in their own way.
Liu Changan waved his hand, “Go to bed early.”
Qin Yanan nodded, turned around and walked into his bedroom. Without looking back, he warned, “It will take a while for me to fall asleep. You can turn on the monitoring later.”
Liu Changan said “Hmm”, took the book and turned it over. As he flipped through the pages, he felt like he wanted to close his eyes and squint for a while after a full meal.
After most people have eaten full, the blood flows to the stomach, and the temperature of the entire abdomen increases slightly. The warm and swollen temperature makes people fall asleep. Sleeping at this time is very comfortable, but it is not good for the body.
Liu Changan was not worried that sleeping with a stomach full of food would be bad for his health, so he decided to take a nap for a while.
Qin Yanan was in the bedroom. Although she thought Liu Changan had not turned on the surveillance camera, she still put on safety pants in the bathroom.
Qin Yanan also came into contact with a lot of psychological knowledge during this summer vacation, and knew that psychological cues are very important in leading a conversation, or in the process of guiding the other party, and his appearance and cheongsam are a strong psychological suggestion to Liu Changan, and even more It was easy for him to believe that she was really sleepwalking and turned into Ye Sijin.
Cheongsam is a suggestive element for Liu Changan, otherwise he would not choose to give An Nuan a cheongsam as a gift. He also said that his aesthetic was also influenced by Dai Wangshu’s “Rain Lane”, so Qin Yanan chose in the room I composed a piece of music that collected the sound of rain, the soft patter, and the touching sound.
Anyone with emotions will be affected by music, and the implications of music to