he suffered a big mental and psychological blow. But who made him do it?” Gao Cunyi let out a long sigh, “My father said, there is no whitewashing. If the foundation is dark, the surface is cleansed.” To put it bluntly, if someone turns you upside down one day, you will still have a dark foundation.”

“Well, unless no one comes to turn it over.” Liu Changan tapped his fingers on the table. He understood that he had overlooked something before. He thought it was normal strength. Gao Cunyi couldn’t bear it. When he was fighting with Pu Shougeng, he used The force he exerted was much greater than when he slapped Gao Cunyi.
Although Pu Shougeng was defeated, he was able to withstand the power he used at that time. Logically speaking, even if Pu Shougeng had practiced Kung Fu for ten to twenty years more than Gao Cunyi, his physical fitness would not be able to surpass a level of tyranny.
When it comes to physical fitness, Wang Yibo, who was kicked by Liu Changan, is stronger than Pu Shougeng.
/But Wang Yibo is still lying in the hospital.
Why is Pu Shougeng okay? Although Liu Changan did not want to kill him, if Pu Shougeng had normal physical fitness, it would be inevitable to be in the hospital now.
/Neglected, neglected.
Liu Changan had no regrets or annoyance. He noticed it. Of course he was careful and he was negligent. Of course, the other party was not worth caring about.
But he still wanted to take a look. Liu Changan asked Gao Cunyi some things about Pu Shougeng, chatted for a while and then continued to sell rice noodles.
After all, selling rice noodles is a very important thing.
Liu Changan was free in the afternoon. When he returned home, he took out the rattan book box under the bed, patted the box, gently rubbed the handle, pressed both ends to open it, and took out the contents one by one. He took it out, spread it neatly on the bed, and took out a linen top, a pair of black trousers and a pair of mille-layer cloth shoes that were pressed under the box.
The folds of the top are neat, and after shaking, they are still very smooth. The pants were measured against the waist, and they fit well. The shoes are just right, and the tops of a few toes are on top. It feels very lively.
Liu Changan changed his clothes and drove out in the civilian armored transport vehicle.
Of course he didn’t find it convenient to drive out, he just needed a place to straighten his face.
It was easier to do things with a different face. Liu Changan felt that he had been negligent in doing things before, but now of course he had to be more careful in order to review his mood.
With everything prepared, Liu Changan became an old-school intellectual common in the 1980s and 1990s.
In fact, he likes this outfit very much. In fact, many old scientists, experts and academicians often wear this outfit now.
He arrived outside Pu Shougeng’s martial arts gym, stepping on the slanting sunlight.
Many of Pu Shougeng’s properties have been sealed up. If he committed a crime at this time, you can imagine who was behind it.
His martia