end various phenomena on the ship’s body.

It’s just that she doesn’t have a deep understanding of the immortal runes.
She belongs to the original god, and the path she follows is not the cultivation system of the Qi Refiner. The Qi Refiner first studies the Taoist phenomena, and understands the way of heaven from the Taoist phenomena, so that she can break through the way of heaven, overcome tribulations, ascend, and become an immortal.
However, the upper limit is the original gods’ control of the way of heaven, and it is difficult to break through the way of heaven.
/They can only master more heavenly ways, or improve more incense.
Xu Ying meditated on those immortal runes and fell into a trance without realizing it. After a few days, he still didn’t wake up. The Penglai Tower was sailing on the sea for several days. Lin Tianhua, under the guidance of Gong Qi, completed the Niwan Immortality Technique. He was rejoicing when suddenly a furious wave came and lifted the Penglai Tower into the air several hundred feet high!
Everyone was shocked. Chu Xiangxiang was about to use his magical power to stabilize the out-of-control ship, but saw that the Penglai ship reached an altitude of several hundred feet, but did not fall down. Instead, it sailed into another sea.
On the sea, sand gulls gathered together, and countless large snow-white birds flapped their wings and flew over them.
On the bottom of the Penglai Tower boat, a huge shadow was swimming slowly, swinging its tail and stirring up the current.
“This is not the Motosari world!”
Just when Chu Xiangxiang thought of this, he saw the hull of the boat shaking violently, swaying left and right, as if it was about to be swallowed by the whirlpool stirred up by the tail of the big fish in the sea.
But the next moment, when the hull was straightened, they actually sailed into the darkness and appeared on the sea at night!
Chu Xiangxiang was shocked and doubtful. An Qi, Lin Tianhua, Dazhong and the grass on the grave all stood up and looked around warily.
As the hull swayed, the ship actually traveled through time again, carrying them into another world.
It’s just that the world is at night.
There was lightning and thunder on the sea at night, and suddenly it was windy and rainy. In the midst of the thunder, there were vaguely majestic gods and demons in the darkness, standing between the sea and the dark clouds, setting off huge waves, holding a trident high in their hands, and moving towards this side with all their strength. Throw it!
Just as the weapon was about to pierce the building, suddenly another thunder exploded, and the Penglai building sailed into another time and space.
Suddenly dazzling sunlight shone into their eyes. The Penglai Tower Boat was passing between a forest of cliffs. On both sides of the bank were mountains that grew randomly like thorns, extremely sharp!
The Penglai Tower boat sailed through this strait. Xian Qi looked back and couldn’t help but be shocked, where is that strait? It is clearly the mouth of a giant beast