o, shouting loudly:

“who are you”
As soon as his voice fell, the female resentful spirit once again turned its attention to Xio and Forsi.
Forsi suddenly felt that her thoughts were slowing down, and there seemed to be a mass of coldness forming rapidly in her body, rippling, freezing her flesh and joints. In her eyes, Xio seemed to have had a similar experience, and everything around the lantern dimmed. Quite a few.
At this moment, two lightning-like lights suddenly lit up in Xio’s eyes.
The male grudge groaned in pain, and his figure blurred.
Xio instantly got rid of the “frozen” feeling just now and threw the three-sided thorn in his hand towards the female resentful spirit.
At the tip of the triangular thorn, some illusory electric light kept jumping, directly hitting the woman wearing a fancy shirt and knight trousers.
“Spiritual whipping”
The female ghost screamed, and her figure became increasingly blurry.
Forsi’s mind suddenly cleared up, and his fingers slid over the “Lemanno Travel Notes” that he had opened before.
The surrounding shadows suddenly gathered together like life, turning into dark chains, restricting the knight’s resentful spirit in place and sealing its “mouth”.
“Shackles of the Abyss”
At the same time, Xio rushed out, with the figure of the female ghost reflected in his eyes, holding an illusory hot iron in his hand, and stamped it towards the target.
With her entangled with the female ghost, Forsi’s movements became more and more calm.
She flipped through the pages of “Lemanno’s Travel Notes”, her fingers sliding over them one after another.
Streams of silver-white lightning that spread out branches fell out of the air, hitting the body of the knight’s spirit one after another, turning the place into a lightning purgatory.
/At the end, a clear beam of light entwined with the sacred flame flashed, covering the knight’s resentful spirit and completely purifying it.
Seeing that an enemy had been dealt with, Forsi immediately turned around and worked with Xio to deal with the female ghost.
She didn’t skimp on the abilities in “Lemano’s Travel Notes”, cleverly combined the appropriate parts, and with Xio’s involvement, she sometimes restricted and sometimes attacked, and it didn’t take long to eliminate the target.
Everything then became quiet, and Forsi took a breath and stared at the battlefield with an unbelieving look:
“This is the end”
She originally thought that the two ancient wraiths had special abilities and higher levels, and that it would be very difficult for quasi-powerful people who were not Sequence 5 to deal with them. However, she found that things were progressing extremely smoothly.
This made her truly realize that the “Lemanor Travel Notes” was indeed an artifact, and she became increasingly yearning for the next sequence of “Recorders”.
Xio was also a little surprised, thought for a few seconds and said:
“No wonder someone told me that under the demigods, the number of Extraordinaries, their cooperation and the degree of application of their abilities