try, the royal family is also a victim of reform.

There is no way, the reformists want too much. When formulating the bill, I took advantage of the respective advantages of the political systems of the three countries and wanted to copy them together.
For example: the military mobilization system of the Alpha Kingdom, the taxation system of the Frankish Kingdom, and the foreign trade system of the Iliban Kingdom.
These systems are the most advanced in contemporary times. Theoretically speaking, as long as it is copied, the Kingdom of Avarat can have the common advantages of the three countries at the same time, and it will be difficult not to rise.
/The trouble is: the deeper the reform, the more interest groups need to be touched.
“Your Majesty, if the reform is to be carried out in batches, I suggest starting with taxation.
The traditional tax package system is too mechanical and rigid, causing a large amount of tax revenue to be wasted every year.
/The kingdom suffered heavy losses, and the people below were also miserable. If the kingdom could collect taxes uniformly, not only would it be able to significantly increase fiscal revenue, but those unreasonable and exorbitant taxes could also be abolished.
When the government’s financial situation improves, those projects that were forced to stop due to financial pressure can be restarted.
As long as everyone can see the results, the resistance to reform will definitely be greatly reduced! ”
The prime minister’s words made Elton VIII happy.
Almost all dynasty declines begin with finances. The Kingdom of Avarat is no exception. Even though it has done nothing, the government is still poor at demolishing the eastern wall and repairing the western wall.
This impact is all-encompassing. If the financial problem can be solved, the Kingdom of Avarat will survive.
If other reforms are to be carried out in the future, the government will also be able to provide financial support. Military pay and government personnel salaries that have been in arrears for a long time can all be settled at the same time.
“Okay, let’s do it!”
The king said it easily, but the faces of the ministers below did not look very good.
Compared with reforms in other fields, tax reform involves the largest number of interest groups.
Which group in the Kingdom of Avalat has not benefited from the tax farming system?
Playing a big game right from the start is obviously a big gamble.
We all knew it, but no one raised the issue. Because this problem is too difficult, being able to find the problem does not mean being able to solve the problem.
Even with such a big game at the beginning, Duke Glenarvan was unable to do anything. If the government is not freed from its financial difficulties, subsequent reforms will not proceed at all.
With the promulgation of the law to abolish the tax farming system, the reform of the Kingdom of Avalat was completely opened.
Thousands of miles away in Hudson, people felt the breath of reform. However, his focus was not on reform, but on the “return gif