The paper man Zhang looked at the visitor with an incomprehensible look and said:
“The little old man has no idea what the guest is saying!”
The scholar in Tsing Yi next to the handsome middle-aged man moved the folding fan slightly. He looked at the paper man with calm eyes and said:
“I heard that there was a strange folk named Zhang Chuan in Shanyang County. He was a master of paper-cutting. He crossed the Yin and Yang paths, cut paper as a general, and controlled the soul. It is frightening. Those who died at the hands of this strange folk are frightening. There are many good players in the world!”
“But it’s a pity that twenty years ago, this man suffered a family change and was hunted down by his enemies. He was forced to leave Fengyang. The Gu family also spent a lot of effort to finally confirm that this master stayed in Fengxi. This is a small place in the county!”
Hearing that the Confucian scholar in Tsing Yi was so precious about his life, the paper man Zhang frowned.
“What exactly do you want to do?”
The paper man Zhang turned around at this moment. In an instant, the paper boy at the door and the tall paper men in the room turned around and stared at the two of them.
/At this moment, in the direction where the eyes of these paper figures were, there was blood flowing out, gradually turning into pairs of illusory blood-colored pupils, as if fierce ghosts were bound in them, trying to choose people and devour them.
These two people are both visitors from Fengyang County, and the extremely handsome middle-aged man is the West Wind Swordsman Wang Yuanlang.
The other person was an expert invited by the Gu family in Fengyang, named Ji Ming. Wang Yuanlang called him Mr. Ji, and he had always respected him.
This time, it was Ji Ming’s method to find this strange man named Zhang Chuan.
Under these strange changes, Wang Yuanlang felt a chill all over his body. He subconsciously held the sword in his hand, and the innate energy in his body was forced to naturally emit.
The paper-making shop seemed to suddenly dim, and blood suddenly appeared, which was extremely terrifying.
“Senior, why should you be angry? I heard that senior’s rule is that as long as the benefits are sufficient, you don’t choose tasks!”
The Confucian scholar in green slightly waved the folding fan in his hand, and saw that the bones of the green folding fan were covered with countless densely packed subtle scriptures, and there was a faint sound of heaven flowing out from inside, breaking through a ray of darkness.
/Seeing the jade fan in the hand of the Confucian scholar in green, the paper man opened his eyes, lowered his head and thought deeply, then stopped his movements.
Wang Yuanlang waved his hand quickly, and someone immediately brought in a large red wooden box outside the store.
“We dare not neglect the rules of our seniors!”
The paper man Zhang just glanced at it, his expression softened slightly, and he said.
“They are all good things, and you are very generous!”
“Who do you want to kill? I’m very curious. With