s of her eyebrows.

That Root Dao Fruit is covered with many complicated Root Dao Patterns. According to Zhang Jian’s perception, although the Danque God Emperor is based on the earth to achieve the other side Dao Master, the Root Dao Fruit is by no means as simple as a root.
At this time, a terrifying and hideous wound appeared on the root fruit that was round, plump, and like a ripe fruit.
/A centipede-like golden-red light fills the Root Dao Fruit. Wisps of golden-red light fill the Root Dao Fruit. It is constantly eating away and refining the Root Dao Fruit. The golden-red brilliance is still slowly entwining towards the depths of the Root Dao Fruit. Once it reaches the depths of the Root Dao Fruit, If the Root Dao Fruit eats away and enters the Yuanshen and the Yuanshen True Spirit through the Root Dao Fruit, the Danque God Emperor will completely fall.
At this time, the Yuanshi Immortal Light fell layer by layer, and a majestic and terrifying will gradually merged with the Yuanshi personality deep in the Yuanshi Jade Bead.
God Emperor Danque not only relied on the Yuanshi Immortal Light deep in the Yuanshi Jade Pearl to suppress the erosion of the Taiyi Divine Power, but also took advantage of this opportunity to understand part of the mystery of Yuanshi’s personality. If he could achieve a breakthrough in his realm, he would naturally be able to Suppress and refine the power of Taiyi, completely restore the foundation, and let the Taoist practice reach higher levels!
Zhang Jian saw that Emperor Danque had entered a good state, so he sat down cross-legged and studied the Yuanshi fortune chart.
The Yuanshi Fortune Chart is known as the general outline of the way of heaven, and it is mysterious and unpredictable.
/This object is a companion of the Antarctic Immortal Emperor, the eldest son of the Yuanshi Heavenly King.
Although it is just a rubbing, it does contain many mysteries of heaven.
Zhang Jian felt huge gains every time he studied.
At this time, he was preparing to protect the God Emperor Danque while comprehending this supreme secret method.
In a Yuanhui, the years pass quietly.
At this time, Yuanhuang’s figure appeared deep in the underground network, but he was heading towards the Earth Divine Pond.
Chapter 735: Xi He’s remnant soul, decisive battle
There was a solemn look on Yuanhuang’s face. This time she brought good news and bad news at the same time.
The good news is that she has finally refined a secret treasure that can temporarily suppress the injury of God Emperor Danque. The bad news is that the situation in Jinyuan Heaven Realm is urgent, and she is ready to mobilize the secret hand in advance to fight the Taiyi clan.
During this period of time, she discovered that the attitude of some high-level immortals in the Jinyuan Heavenly Realm had been shaken, and they even gave up their priesthood and secretly left the Jinyuan Heavenly Realm.
Even powerful ones at the Tao Master level.
For this reason, she killed several Taoist souls who tried to escape, killing chickens to scare m