time, Tina, who had been silent for a long time, said: “Xie Li, my good sister, please don’t tease my boyfriend in front of me. “

time, Tina, who had been silent for a long time, said: “Xie Li, my good sister, please don’t tease my boyfriend in front of me. ”
/Ha, ‘Her Majesty the Queen’ finally couldn’t help but speak, okay sister, I will return your baby to you.
For the sake of our friendship that is stronger than love, I will never say a word from now on. Can you stop talking?” Shelia said with a smile.
“Thank you for your ‘respect’ for me Shelly, but for serious matters we still need your opinion when we get to know each other seriously,” Tina shrugged and replied: “Let’s go back to my room in the ‘castle’ first. I haven’t finished the box of Lafite I bought last time, and there are still a lot of fruits bought yesterday in the refrigerator.
/After a while, we were eating fruit salad, drinking wine, and listening to Li Sheng talk about his ‘business’.”
“Good suggestion Tina,” Shelia nodded repeatedly and said, “I only have one question. Your room in the Castle only has one big bed. How can we sleep when we are drunk?” ”
Oh, good question Shelly,” Tina thought for a moment, then suddenly hugged her two best friends and replied: “I think I sleep in the middle, Li Sheng sleeps on my left side, Tracy sleeps on my right side, and you sleep on my right side.” How about in the bathtub, Trish, do you agree? ”
I think it’s a good idea.” Cui Qian was stunned and answered seriously. The strange atmosphere between the three girls disappeared without a trace because of this joke. Zhang Lisheng on the side could not understand the tacit understanding of the girls, but he also felt that the atmosphere around them was much more relaxed.
“Edward said that this thing sounds incredible, but the chance of success is actually very high. What do you think?” the young man asked after finishing everything.
The three girls sat on the big bed, shared a salad in a huge glass basin and meditated for a while. Tracey looked down at Zhang Lisheng who was sitting on the yoga mat under the bed and asked: “Lisheng, there is something I don’t understand.
Now new ‘different worlds’ are constantly emerging, and if it continues to develop in this way, it is becoming increasingly impossible for freedom to take into account the ‘World of Sea Shrimp No. 2’. It can be said to have fallen into your pocket.
And to get this island Finally, your plan is to use it as a springboard to conquer the entire ‘Ocean Island No. 2 World’. Edward and Charlie do not know this ‘big plan’, so they think it is safer to turn ‘Ocean Island B1’ into a franchising state of the United States. , but why do you think so?”
“Tracy, do you still remember our analysis?” Zhang Lisheng shrugged and said: “According to the ancient myth of the ‘Great Thousand Worlds’, the planet we live on will be divided into a thousand ‘worlds’ Divide.
Calculated based on the total area of ??land and ocean on the earth of approximately 510 million square kilometers, if a thousand ‘different worlds’ are embedded in it, it will be divided into a thousand blocks with an average area of ??510,000 square kilome