y has come in. Stand with us!”

y has come in. Stand with us!”
“Kaohsiung Anyi Road Exchange has entered the market. Hot money has come from many parties!”
“Goldman Sachs has entered the market. There are many parties . Hedge funds have entered the market with small funds, but they are all bullish!”
Lao Xie shouted excitedly: “What is Tesla’s leverage ratio?”
“The maximum
/amount is eight times! Throw it in and blast it!”
“Got it!”
13:12 minutes.
“Fifteen Thousand Hands.”
Mandarin Oriental, New York.
Liao Yingzhu ordered in a clear voice.
“Understood, fifteen thousand lots.”
“Boss, Huashi’s rise is accelerating.”
“Additional fifteen thousand lots.”
“Understood, additional fifteen thousand lots.”
“Boss, there are more and more main players from multiple parties. If this continues, we won’t be able to hold it back.”
Liao Yingzhu glanced at his watch and said with a smile, “Just a quarter of an hour is enough. With the amount of money we have, it’s enough!”
“Black man, 20,000 hands!
” Understood, 20,000 hands!”
“Li Yu!”
“Here, give me 10 minutes. It takes time to establish interfaces with the three major portals. Zhuzi, the news is posted by advertising. I can’t guarantee whether these people will believe it. “Believe it or not! ”
/Liao Yingzhu waved his hand and said confidently: “That’s Zhao Song, the richest man in flower farming, chairman of the board of directors of Shenzhou Technology Group Co., Ltd.”
On the phone, Suddenly, there was a faint sound of swallowing. After a while, Li Yu replied loudly: “Understood!”
“Boss, it has fallen back, and the amplitude has begun to increase!”
Liao Yingzhu clenched her fists, excited. He said: “Fifteen thousand hands.”
“Understood, fifteen thousand hands!”
Outside the window, the sun was setting, and the blood-red sunlight reflected the New York Central Convention beautifully under the feet, matching the scene in the small conference room. The sound of the keyboard, shouts, and movement actually formed an unusually harmonious symphony, which made people feel extremely comfortable listening to it.
In the corner, David looked at each other with the heads of major investment banks who were arriving one after another, and they all saw the shocked look in each other’s eyes.
“That last piece of information, what kind of news could it be about Zhao Song?”
David asked softly.
Everyone shook their heads in confusion.
David turned his head, looked at Liao Yingzhu, who was getting more and more comfortable, and murmured: “This is a genius!”
Under the command of the genius Liao Yingzhu, the amplitude of the K-line chart became larger and larger, creating a beautiful heartbeat chart, shocking The stock market was filled with mourners, breaking historical transaction records and reaching the climax of the symphony!
13:20 minutes. Taipei 101.
“How much more has Tesla added?”
Lao Xie looked at the big screen gloomily and shouted to the information officer: “Has the new product launch news been announced?”