the face!

Ling Wuxin’s eyes, nose, and mouth were sunken, but he remained calm in the face of danger. The Taoist tree behind him rose up, and the light swept over him!
/The colorful sacred tree appeared behind Xu Ying, and he faced the Tao tree’s attack. The colorful sacred tree could not compete with it, and was beaten to pieces, which shows the power of the Tao tree.
The Dao tree looks like a tree, but is not actually a tree. It is made up of chains of Dao. Refining Dao becomes a tree, and one branch is a kind of Dao view.
If you pull this thing out, it will be indestructible and indestructible!
Xu Ying’s Sanqing Yuanshen rushed forward and showed off their magical powers, but after a few moves, they were blown up by the Tao tree and turned into three rays of true energy and returned to Xu Ying’s body.
/Ling Wuxin stood under the Tao tree, pumping up his energy and blood, and rushed his eyes, mouth and nose out of his head. Seeing this, he breathed a sigh of relief and thought to himself: “Why should I fight with him physically? His realm is too low for me. I stand Under the Tao tree, there is an invincible place!”
The next moment, Xu Ying came over and grabbed his Dao tree with his bare hands. There was a constant popping sound, and branches exploded one after another!
Ling Wuxin suddenly felt that his magic power was rapidly decreasing, and he was panicking. He saw Xu Ying coming with a punch, and without caring much, he hurriedly hid and left from under the Taoist tree!
Xu Ying’s punch hit his Taoist tree. The Taoist tree exploded with light, and the Taoist chains flew. The reaction force of the Taoist tree actually shook Xu Ying’s right hand until the skin exploded, and blood shot out. , and even broke several of his fingers.
Xu Ying stepped back with his right hand and clenched his right hand into a fist again. His muscles were like a dragon or a python, swimming under his skin. The cracked skin and broken bones repaired themselves quickly.
He punched out again, and the crown of Ling Wuxin’s Tao tree suddenly flew out and fell out of Ling Wuxin’s dojo.
Ling Wuxin’s cultivation was greatly damaged, he vomited blood, his breath was weak, his body was backfired by the unbound soul, and it almost exploded. Even the elixir could not suppress it!
Xu Ying came to him, raised his bloody fist, and said with a smile: “Who is me?”
Ling Wuxin knelt down, covered in blood, raised his head and smiled, “Xu Ying, you are my little daddy the way you are now! I lost, and I am convinced. Little daddy, spare my life!”
Behind him, many immortals flew out of the heavenly palace and offered various magic weapons. In the distance, more powerful auras rose into the sky and rushed towards him.
This is the Fairy Garden.
The battle between Xu Ying and Ling Wuxin was short but intense, and had already alarmed countless powerful people in the Immortal Court.
“You are wrong. I am indeed not the Xu Ying you knew back then, and I will never be him again.”
Xu Ying’s fist was still bleeding, but h