sappeared, leaving only the remains of dozens of villas that had been burned into lava-like shapes, and the remains not far away. Master at the place.

“How can everything be okay? The matter is serious. Alas, the master is suffering here, and the apprentice is having a love affair. I, the master, must be miserable.”
At this moment, another voice sounded not far behind Huang Kun. It was the same familiar voice, and it was still Wei Xiaobei’s voice.
/Huang Kun turned around in shock and couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment. Then he rubbed his eyes and turned to look at Wei Xiaobei from before. For a moment, he didn’t know what to say.
Even Huang Kun’s little girlfriend Li Zhongxiu was dumbfounded. Her big beautiful eyes blinked a few times, as if to say, how come there are two island masters?
“Could it be that one of the masters was transformed from a six-eared macaque? Things really got serious!”
After Huang Kun was stunned for a while, he muttered, but his eyes turned between the two masters, trying to find a real master.
There is no doubt that Huang Kun, who has loved Journey to the West since he was a child, really thought that one of the two masters was a six-eared macaque.
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but secretly laugh. Then the two Wei Xiaobei came together and smiled at Huang Kun at the same time: “Apprentice, do you know which one is the master?”
/Huang Kun neither had Wei Xiaobei’s omniscience nor any other detection ability. He rolled his eyes around the two Wei Xiaobei many times, but could not see the difference between the two masters. After a while, Really dumbfounded.
“Both masters are real.”
Compared with Huang Kun, who was a little confused, Li Zhongxiu, who stood aside and watched for a while, was actually much smarter, and suddenly shouted crisply.
The next moment, the two Wei Xiaobei’s eyes immediately fell on Li Zhongxiu, and they laughed loudly at the same time: “Disciple, your wife is much smarter than you.”
Li Zhongxiu was just an ordinary human being, but he couldn’t stand Wei Xiaobei’s gaze, and his body couldn’t help but tremble.
Fortunately, the two Wei Xiaobei immediately looked away, and then one of them quickly walked towards the other Wei Xiaobei, and disappeared after the two met.
“Master, are you always teasing me?”
At this moment, Huang Kun started to shout belatedly.
Indeed, after Wei Xiaobei successfully practiced the ancient Golden Crow Fierce Yang Nine Points Technique, he was not in a hurry to take back the flames emanating from his body, and then became familiar with the magical power for a while.
But at this moment, Huang Kun called his little girlfriend over, where they were making love to each other, which really irritated Wei Xiaobei’s eyes.
So Wei Xiaobei simply created a clone and actually teased Huang Kun.
But Huang Kun has learned to be cunning now. Seeing that his master is fine, he can’t help but want to push the errands in hand back to Wei Xiaobei.
After such a long time, Huang Kun finally understood.
I was deceived by my master at the beginnin