music. Lin Yuan thought that it would be enough if he had the skills.

Let’s say it’s an exam.
Although Lin Yuan could not directly look at the standard answers to the questions on the test paper, the reference book was now next to Lin Yuan. Lin Yuan was flipping through the reference book while taking the test, and he could get a good score no matter what.
Now the song is there.
/Send it directly?
It’s definitely not possible.
It’s only been a few days since this order came out.
Lin Yuan completed the order quickly enough, but any faster would be unreasonable. Lin Yuan must grasp this time issue.
Another Saturday.
Lin Yuan came to the company again.
Before his butt was warm, he saw Gu Qiangyun walking in with a smile on his face: “Representative Lin, do you want to take a look at the new order?”
Lin Yuan nodded.
Gu Qiangyun smiled even more.
He just came to test it out.
If Representative Lin is still insisting on the order from Seven Stars, then he must not be interested in new orders; but if he is interested in new orders, it means that Representative Lin has given up on the order from Seven Stars!
Now it looks like I have given up.
It’s good to give up!
Sticking to orders will delay things.
After a while, Lin Yuan’s eyes were filled with order information. It seemed that the company’s recent orders were a bit more than before.
However, although there were many orders, there was nothing Lin Yuan liked: “Why are there no orders of three million?”
Same as last time I saw it.
The most expensive order is only two million.
Gu Qiangyun smiled bitterly: “Is Representative Lin only interested in orders worth three million now?”
Lin Yuan said: “No.”
When Gu Qiangyun heard this, he became energetic.
Lin Yuandao: “An order of more than three million is better.”
Gu Qiangyun’s energy suddenly drained, and his smile was somewhat helpless: “Representative Lin, although there are many parties in Qizhou, orders of three million are actually quite rare. Even Hongyue or Lone Wolf A production company of this level usually receives orders of one million to two million.”
Seeing that Lin Yuan didn’t speak, Gu Qiangyun continued:
“As for orders of more than three million, usually only the top ten production companies in the industry dare to accept them. The reason why we accepted two was because time was too tight. Thunder gave us a month and the other time was because Competition order, you have also seen how troublesome this competition order is, if we want to complete it, we have to grab food from the mouths of Red Moon and Lone Wolf.”
Lin Yuan frowned.
System customization is very expensive. If Party A only offers two million, then it doesn’t make much sense for him to spend another two million on system customization.
“Why don’t Representative Lin consider two million?” Gu Qiangyun looked at Lin Yuan expectantly.
Lin Yuan shook his head: “Just wait a little longer.”
Gu Qiangyun hesitated for a moment, then nodded and agreed.
Lin Yuan had just completed two orders and really needed time t