ends to be a foolish king when he takes office. There is no reason why the Luck Golden Dragon will recognize him.

He shouldn’t be shooting so fast, even if he was more reserved, it would be too embarrassing to be like this.
Lu Bei couldn’t figure it out. He just thought that the first demon emperor had a lot of misdeeds and led the golden dragon astray. The golden dragon didn’t recognize the sages and only cared about the cowardly king and the underworld.
The Kingdom of Ten Thousand Monsters has its own national conditions. When I thought about it, I immediately understood.
After that, Lu Bei’s eyes fell on the Demon Emperor’s Bell. This object has been passed down for thousands of years. It is the Demon Emperor’s number one token and has the ability to command all demons.
Hu Er sent a message and knew that Lu Bei lacked common sense, so he took the initiative to explain it to him.
There are two Demon Emperor Bells in the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom. The first one is a personal token of the first generation Demon Emperor. The first generation Demon Emperor disappeared without a trace after his death. After that, the demon kings of all dynasties mobilized their national efforts to re-forge it and create the current imitation, which was the result of the efforts of the Eight Kings and the approval of the Luck Golden Dragon. It lasted for five thousand years and was passed down for five thousand years.
Ridiculous, a high imitation is an acquired spiritual treasure, isn’t the one in the hands of the first generation demon emperor an innate spiritual treasure?
/Lu Bei’s evaluation of the first-generation Demon Emperor was once again high. This guy relied on his fists to build a reputation of being invincible for a lifetime, and he actually let it go.
As expected, the first-generation Demon Emperor was a legal cultivator. In order to be close to the people and get along better with everyone, he disguised himself as a physical cultivator who relied on his body to make a living.
As a sword cultivator, Lu Bei was under great pressure. He took the palm-sized clock and weighed it in his hand.
With one touch, the Demon Emperor Bell instantly recognized its owner and threw it faster than a dragon.
Brother, take a look again, you are a human race!
Lu Bei didn’t understand, because the body of Kunpeng used was only caused by blood. The blood of the demon god came in person and was noble and noble, so the demon emperor bell took the initiative to kneel and lick it.
When he thought that this thing was just an imitation, Lu Bei lost interest. Speaking of his domineering attitude, he wanted the genuine product in the hands of the first-generation Demon Emperor.
Forget it, he is an acquired spiritual treasure after all, so give him some face and let him feel aggrieved!
Lu Bei was wearing the Demon Emperor’s robe and crown, with a golden sword across his waist, and he was sitting high on a Luan Yu. He was suddenly blessed with luck, and could not look directly at the golden light.
Zhan Renpidianpidian stepped forward, took