of demons. In the world of immortality, it is equivalent to direct access to the immortal path. It is ranked among the immortal classes. It belongs to the top inheritance of becoming a Buddha and becoming an ancestor. If it is spread, it can make everyone break their head.

Lu Bei’s eyelids twitched, he endured it, and suppressed his ferocious expression: “It’s okay, Lu Nan didn’t fool you, it’s a good skill.”
/Tu Yuan nodded repeatedly and took the opportunity to brag. She was lucky enough to win the favor of her master. It was all because of his good cultivation. She would definitely follow Lu Bei in the future and strive to become bigger and stronger and create greater glory.
“So much bullshit!”
Lu Bei interrupted, quietly activating the increase inscribed by the two palace masters. The golden light in his eyes soared, and he said contemptuously: “My magical power is good, but this sect leader is not Qinglong, so this method is not difficult for me.”
After saying this, the whole body was filled with sword intent, and the holy white lotus exploded under his feet.
The Demon Lord was true to his word, and he said that if he did not use the strongest magical power, he would not use the strongest magical power. After strengthening, the mana of the soul was transformed into the immortal sword intention, and the two Taoist arts of Chang Chong and Yuan Ran were powerfully blasted. out.
The immortal sword’s light was bright, and it hit the white jade finger bone that was like a pillar of heaven.
Tu Yuan’s expression changed drastically, and with a mixture of three parts surprise and seven parts naturalness, a crisp sound exploded in his heart.
The white jade finger bone, which was meant to be a state, was broken at this moment as if it had an entity. Following it, the immortal sword light pressed through the air, and the scorching white light beam swept across, and hit Tu Yuan in an instant.
Tu Yuan turned around to avoid it, his speed was as fast as a teleportation spell, and he escaped from the coverage of the Immortal Sword Pillar as if teleporting.
Lu Bei’s eyelids twitched again, and he cursed Lu Nan in his heart for being extremely hateful. The 1.2 meter figure he brought into Tu Yuan felt more and more hateful the more he looked at it. At that moment, he did not say a word to remind him, but transformed into golden light and killed in front of Tu Yuan, using his armor-piercing fist. The seal hits the chest.
boom! !
The white light exploded, the yin and yang fishes swam away, the Tao Yun carrying the yin and embracing the yang rose and fell, and several powerful Tao rushed across, separating Tu Yuan’s physical body and soul, and bursting into waves in the void.
The turbulent currents in the void swept across like clouds all over the sky, and the aftermath spread into the distance, stirring up fire, water, wind, and uncertainty.
Tu Yuan took Lu Bei’s strong blow head-on and was seriously injured, but he also lamented that his master was always forgiving and showed mercy to her because of his love for her.