eat sun suppresses all things. The golden light and divine power fills the entire heaven and earth. There is no two suns in the sky, and no one can compete with it.

The wills of the two phantoms collided, and the strangled space was riddled with holes. The huge divine power was vented through the main hall. A random ray of divine light swept away the palace and disappeared into nothing.
If you rub it, you will die, if you touch it, you will die. Even a perfect immortal will have difficulty resisting an impact of this level.
For a time, everyone in the Xuanzun Heavenly Palace was in danger, almost fleeing and scattered in all directions.
The immortals did not go far away. They each took their positions to activate the turtle and snake formations to protect the heavenly palace from the catastrophe. The heavenly soldiers and generals also formed formations such as heavenly and earthly nets to trap the violent energy so that it could not cause destruction to the immortal island. impact.
Seeing this scene, Xuan Zun was shocked and angry, fearing that the fight with Lu Bei would destroy the entire Immortal Island.
boom! ! !
She was not allowed to be uncertain when a master was fighting, but she saw the fist seal coming across, knocking away the blocking arms, and hit Xuanzun hard on the chest.
The edge of the fist sunk in, and the terrifying force penetrated the limbs and bones, strangled the internal organs and turned them into minced meat, and beat the rock-solid spirit to the point of shaking.
Xuan Zun’s expression suddenly changed, he flew backwards in the air, smashing into the palaces, raising countless dust and leaving behind large pieces of broken walls and ruins.
“It’s not bad. He is worthy of being the Great Immortal of the Immortal Realm. Such a method of relieving himself is really impressive.”
Lu Beiyin spoke flatly, clenching his fists until his joints crackled: “But, you have given all your strength, but Ding has not exerted his strength yet, what should you do?”
The ruins raised a black ink divine light. Xuan Zun stood high in the sky and raised her hand to wipe the blood from the corner of her mouth. She held the Xuanwu tripod in her hand and carried the tortoise and snake dharma on her back. She looked at the struggling subordinates, feeling quite annoyed for a moment.
They underestimated the intruder’s magical power and if they continued to fight, they would probably suffer numerous casualties.
/“So that’s it, he is still a benevolent king!”
Lu Bei’s eyes lit up, he laughed immediately, raised his fist and said: “Ding likes the benevolent king. He is restrained and timid during the fight. In the end, he died because of the defeat of the woman’s benevolence. Ding will not be so pedantic. I am a human being.” The goal is achieved by any means, benevolent gentleman, please be careful, if you dare to avoid this punch, I will kill innocent people indiscriminately.”
Lu Bei laughed heartily and came forward with his fist raised. Xuan Zun was indeed a little restraine