“Sanmao, come here, don’t bully Arhat.” Ma Tian’er waved to Sanmao, and Sanmao reluctantly ran over on short legs. The master said not to offend Miss Ma. Sanmao only Can you sigh, why is the master afraid of so many people, and all of them are women?

Ning Zhiyuan was chatting with Li Lishang and Lu Buhui, when the five masters from the small holy church came out.
Ning Zhiyuan understood the situation of the two people and sighed in his heart. Although they were a little arrogant, they did have the ability to be arrogant. The rankings of the sects Li Lishang and Lu Buhui belonged to were much higher than those of the Holy Church, and they were also Being selected into the Dragon King camp, it is indeed not easy for people to come to the small holy church now. Ning Zhiyuan also lamented that if Wang Meng and the others hadn’t come, I really don’t know what he would be like now.
“Let me introduce you two. Wang Meng is also the leader of our Holy Church camp. Mingren is the second master of our Holy Church camp. You have just met Li Tianyi. You must have heard of Ma Tian’er. As for Junior Sister Yan, no need. I introduced.”
Ning Zhiyuan said.
Five hundred and fifty-three newcomers are very welcome!
Lu Buhui and Li Lishang looked at each other, and suddenly, they took action almost at the same time. Lu Yuetian’s battle ax and Li Lishang’s sword attacked Wang Meng at the same time.
This sudden change did not allow anyone to react. Yan Yuyue was shocked, and Ning Zhiyuan was even more shocked.
Have you been fooled? ? ?
Wang Meng smiled, and a figure flashed beside him. He held Lu Buhui’s battle ax with one hand and Li Lishang’s sword with two fingers.
Akito smiled slightly and said, “You two, even if you want to test, it is rude to do so.”
Everyone in the audience was shocked. Probably except Wang Meng, no one expected that Mingren would be so powerful.
Lu Buhui and Li Lishang were even more horrified. How could this be possible? Although they didn’t say they were using all their strength just now, one of them locked the attacks of two people at the same time. How strong is this? ? ?
/And this talent ranks second? ? ?
“Lü Buhui, Li Lishang is willing to join the Holy Church camp, obey Wang Meng’s orders, and advance and retreat with the Holy Church camp!”
Lu Buhui and Li Lishang said in unison that all the hype is not as effective as the actual power.
Yan Yuyue smiled slightly, “Wang Meng, although we joined the Dragon King camp at the beginning, it was not our own choice to be selected. We can trust them.”
Wang Meng smiled and said, “Welcome to join!”
Due to Mingren’s actions, Wang Meng is indeed a bit unpredictable. In fact, Wang Meng was a bit strange last time in the Poseidon Small Thousand Realm, but he didn’t expect that such a big change would happen not so long ago.
“Haha, I like the most energetic friends. You are welcome to discuss with me at any time. Really, it is not that restrictive. The Holy Temple camp is to provide everyone with an opportunity to learn from each other and improve together