rt to be on guard.

After defeating the four great immortals and using them to lure out Luanniao and Qilin, we can see the mysterious Yellow Emperor in the middle palace.
“There’s still something wrong. Where did this bastard Qi Li Jing go?”
“Qing Emperor, it’s coming so fast, let’s start with you.”
Lu Bei rubbed his hands, stepped out, and disappeared.
In a chaotic world, the sky and the earth are gray.
The four directions of heaven and earth are the universe, and they have been the universe throughout the ages. There is no concept of time and space in the chaotic world, there is no universe, and it has not entered the prehistoric times.
In this world, there is a name Taisu Wujitian that Lu Bei is very familiar with.
Everything is waiting, waiting for the creation of the world.
In the chaos, two figures faced each other.
The Yellow Emperor in the middle palace.
Different from the domineering side of Li, the Yellow Emperor in Zhonggong is an old Taoist with white beard and hair. He holds a fly whisk and has the spirit of immortality. The image of an outsider is vividly displayed on the paper.
“Fellow Daoist Daoist, we haven’t seen each other for so many years, and you still have the same temper.”
The Yellow Emperor in the middle palace smiled faintly: “Recalling the time when I was defeated by my Taoist friend’s great supernatural power, you took away the Lotus of Creation and lived in a hut here. Isn’t it going to kill them all today?”
“Confusing right and wrong, what a great Heavenly Lord’s face!”
A flash of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes. That year, he fought with Yun Zuoyu, defeated him forcefully, and triumphed in the battle. Looking for the footprints of the Yellow Emperor in the palace, he once again won a great victory and took away the innate treasure, the Lotus of Creation.
After repeatedly defeating powerful enemies, Li’s ambition reached its peak. He boasted that he was invincible in the world and was at the pinnacle of invincibility.
/Soon, reality poured cold water on her head.
His defeat of Yun Zuoyu was true, his record was real, his defeat of Zhonggong Huangdi was very impressive, everything was done deliberately by the latter.
There is a big hidden danger in the Lotus of Creation. Such divine objects that dominate the creation of heaven and earth were focused on by Heaven at the moment they were born. The cause and effect and calculations involved were so terrifying that the Yellow Emperor in the middle palace would rather give up.
It is impossible to give up. It is only right to choose a qualified host for cultivation.
He understands the reason. He is like the Yellow Emperor in the palace, waiting for the next invincible who takes the initiative to come to the door, or in other words, the next qualified candidate.
According to the invincible perspective, ordinary people, no matter how high their cultivation level or how strong their understanding is, are not qualified to be on par with them. The candidate can only be one of the Great Heavenly Lords.
It’s him!
In this w