own a lot.

But this is much better than not fixing it at all and just waiting to die.
After Ji Cheng was plundered, tyrannical demon kings from outside the world appeared on the earth, and the chance of being hostile to the Taoist Lords became even greater. Those tyrannical Taoist Lords also knew that the Donghua Realm was about to become a success, so they changed their attitude and tried to gain from the Donghua Realm. After a stroke, you can leave again.
Even if Donghua Realm can succeed in upgrading its dimension in the future, they will do their best to reduce the growth potential of Donghua Realm.
And this scene was naturally seen by all the Taoist Lords of Taiqing Heaven in the depths of the void.
One of them, Daojun, who was wearing Taixu Immortal Clothes and had a unique and outstanding temperament, glanced downwards and said calmly.
“Chun Yang, you continue to preside over the Ten Thousand Immortals Formation. I will target one of them and help you kill one person first to scare the monkeys!”
Chunyang Taoist Master heard this and raised his sword.
“Okay, Senior Brother Nanhua, let me show you the way!”
He stirred the Ten Thousand Immortals Formation with his long sword, and the huge formations turned and the stars moved, and the immeasurable universe was reversed. Nanhua Immortal’s figure was wrapped by the power of the Ten Thousand Immortals Formation, and his figure appeared on the earth in an instant.
On the ground here, a Taoist wearing a strange Taoist robe and a sacred banner in his hand is waving the sacred banner in his hand to release countless strange insects, which are frantically devouring a fairy city in front of him.
This fairy city is full of spiritual light and is majestic and vast. It is obviously a well-known large fairy city in the Donghua world.
Otherwise, it would not be enough to block the ocean-like sea of ??insects.
That was a Dao Lord, Wan Gu Dao Lord, who was a Dao Lord under the command of Panwang Patriarch of the side sect.
It grazes the sea of ??insects, and these insects can actually form into formations, and can also turn into unique eternal immortal magic, which is extremely terrifying.
Everywhere he passed was white ground.
“Wan Gu, your energy is up!”
At this time, a cold voice came from the depths of the void.
The face of Wan Gu Taoist Lord who was attacking Furong Immortal City suddenly changed dramatically, and a strong chill grew in his heart.
Deep in the palm of his hand, the Panwang Divine Flag was waved immediately, as if a magnificent and immortal force cut through the void and slashed violently towards the void.
But he saw countless butterflies flying from the depths of the void.
Those pink, gold, and gray butterflies were colorful, and when they were struck by the golden fairy light in his hand, they were immediately broken, and they seemed to be fragile and pitiful.
/But Taoist Wan Gu felt like he was facing a formidable enemy. He knew that what he encountered this time was an extremely terrifying Taoist from the Taiqing Heaven Realm.