his head to drink water, imitating Shangguan’s indifference.

This tastes so bad! Zhu Juntang has never drunk a drink with such a strong powdery taste.
Zhu Juntang saw another box of effervescent tablets and couldn’t help but sympathize. Dandan and Liu Changan were living a hard life, right? Fortunately, Qin Yanan’s choice will be more reliable, which is really heartbreaking.
So Zhu Juntang put down the cup, insisted on talking to Liu Changan, and ran to the kitchen.
Qin Yanan shook his head. Fortunately, he was wearing radiation protection clothing.
/Liu Changan was teasing the turtles with his fingers. These shrunken turtles were very lively. When they saw his fingers stretched out, they would suddenly stretch out their heads and take a bite.
“I saw a wonderful scene in the animal world. A turtle with a shawl was attacking another unknown mythical beast.” Zhu Juntang originally wanted to imitate Zhao Zhongxiang’s accent, but felt that speaking so slowly, he might not finish speaking. Liu Changan had already beaten him, so he finished quickly in his own voice.
/“Do you believe that I will let these turtles chase you and bite you later?” Liu Changan picked up a turtle, “Generally speaking, the turtle refers to the turtle family under the turtle family, and the turtle belongs to the turtle family, but they all It’s a turtle”
“Isn’t this all nonsense?” Zhu Juntang stood close to the wall to prevent Liu Changan from commanding the shawl turtle to attack him, “Are you going to eat turtle for lunch today?”
“Let me tell you again, this is a turtle.” Liu Changan pulled off the turtle that was biting his finger. It felt like it should have lost a few teeth. Turtles are different from turtles. Turtles have teeth and can bite. It even bites its own kind, but ordinary turtles are not so vicious.
“A turtle is a turtle. I know that’s what most people call a bastard, right? For example, if a man’s wife cheated on him and became pregnant with someone else’s child, the man would be called a bastard.” Zhu Juntang came over and opened his mouth. He opened his mouth, but held back and only spoke half of his words.
“What do you want to say?” Liu Changan wiped his hands, put his arms around Zhu Juntang’s slender waist, and looked at her gently.
“I, I, I have nothing to say.” Zhu Juntang gritted his teeth and fought against his desire to provoke Liu Changan. I don’t know why, but every time I have the opportunity to provoke him, the impulse to practice is like seeing a little skirt that I like. It’s just as hard to resist wanting to buy it.
“Then you’d better not say anything. Go out and play with Dandan. She is your little friend.” Liu Changan let go of her waist. This waist was soft and thin, which always made people want to squeeze it. She had the urge to stop, but since she held back, Liu Changan naturally held back as well.
Zhu Juntang turned around and walked out of the kitchen glumly, a little disappointed that he actually held it back, and couldn’t help but wonder if he had called him a bastard just now, would he ha