l, the person in the dimly lit place.”

Yan Huaye’s heart moved slightly. Yes, the teacher was right. Not to mention this decadent street, the entire Junsha was no longer what she was familiar with. Fortunately, when she looked back, she saw that person in the dimly lit place. , he’s still close at hand, and that’s more important than anything else.
Yan Huaye leaned into the teacher’s arms, pressed her cheek against his chest, closed her eyes and breathed in his breath. Although the teacher didn’t say it clearly, she would get a little favor from him in the rest of her life, right?
Liu Changan raised his head. Yan Huaye used the same shampoo as Qin Yanan, which made him feel a little dazed. The same smell, the same thin waist and tentacles. He turned his head, only to find Li Hongfang winking at him.
Li Hongfang pointed at the other half of Liu Changan’s chest, then clasped his hands together and put them next to his cheek, saying that he also wanted to lean on him, but Liu Changan refused.
He was really messy and didn’t know the time. If he was alone with her and she suddenly came closer, Liu Changan would probably press her face and push her away after three seconds, but now Yan Huaye is in a lyrical mood. In this state, are you playing games?
Handsome men and beautiful women were hugging each other. Li Hongfang was not allowed to lean over. She felt bored and walked a little to the side. She saw several policemen walking over with Jin Hou in a wheelchair. The policemen were looking at the map on their mobile phones. It was still the route, pointing and pointing, but Jin Hou tilted his head in a daze, as if he was mentally ill. He was mentally ill to begin with.
People often call their incomprehensible or unacceptable behavior “neurosis” to describe some of the symptoms of mental patients.
It seems that people often confuse the symptoms of “neurosis” and “mental illness”, but in the sentence “mental patients have more happiness”, everyone clearly knows what “mental illness” is.
/“If there is a mental patient in the family, it is actually a very heavy burden, not only financially, but also psychologically. It’s just the kind of natural one, this kind of acquired mental illness, looking at him now Such absurd and incomprehensible words and deeds, compared with him in his normal life, everyone shed tears and felt heartache.” Liu Changan said understandably.
“Sending to a mental hospital is almost the only relief, but in fact only mental illness with mild symptoms can be treated. Even so, there is still the possibility of relapse at any time, and some serious mental illnesses are difficult to treat. Horror stories about mental hospitals, It has also been made into horror movies many times.” Li Hongfang also said with some emotion.
Yan Huaye woke up from the sweet memories. She also saw the patient in the wheelchair. She looked at the teacher and Li Hongfang who were singing in harmony with some confusion. They seemed to sympathize with each other? But my impression is that the teacher is not a compassionate pe