y it didn’t count.

But looking at Liu Changan’s appearance, he didn’t regard Zhu Juntang as some cute little ewe and was attracted to him at all. To him, Zhu Juntang was a creature with no reproductive temptation?
Thinking of this, Zhong Qing felt that it was normal. Let alone Zhu Juntang, for a mature woman like herself, didn’t he knock her down with a knife? What temptation did she show? Zhongqing touched Zhu Juntang’s sheep’s butt a few times with an expressionless expression.
Her little cousin seems to be more successful in this regard. According to Bai Hui’s self-promotion, she found that Liu Changan would sometimes cast his eyes on her chest.
Girls are actually quite sensitive to whether others are looking at their breasts, so Bai Hui’s statement should be a bit credible. This made Zhong Qing puzzled. Today he bumped into it by chance, but there was no reaction at all. , is mine not as good as white anise?
Next time I have a chance to take a bath or something with Bai Fen, I can compare it.
“It was not cooked. I absorbed the mutated activity in her body, and she returned to her human form.” Liu Changan untied the belt that bound the sheep’s limbs, and reached out to hold the sheep’s chest.
But at this moment, Zhu Juntang jumped up, ran into the locker room, and kicked the door shut with a hoof.
Liu Changan clapped his hands. He didn’t know when he woke up. Now she ran into the dressing room. She probably didn’t intend to delay the time to change back to human form. Her hair had been cut off, and she looked so embarrassed and ugly. She probably didn’t either. It will be fun.
/Then she resisted Liu Changan’s absorption of the mutated activity in her body, and instead wanted to transform back into human form. Zhu Juntang, could she control the transformation by herself?
This possibility is extremely high. She must be able to control the transformation, so she didn’t panic at all after turning into a sheep and had so much fun.
Liu Changan glanced at Zhongqing and wanted to tell Zhongqing not to tell Su Mei about Zhu Juntang’s changes, but after thinking about it, he decided to forget it. Zhongqing was Su Mei’s person after all, and it would be too difficult for Zhongqing to do this. Alas, someone like Ye Chenyu would never consider this. Liu Changan is really a gentle and considerate ordinary young man.
“Miss Third?” Zhong Qing put his ear against the door of the dressing room and heard the sound of getting clothes inside. He couldn’t help but be overjoyed and called out tentatively.
The sheep would definitely not get clothes to put on. Only Zhu Juntang, who had returned to his human form, would want to put on clothes. Zhongqing breathed a sigh of relief. At this time, his curiosity about strange events exploded extremely strongly. come out.
/Zhu Juntang remained silent inside. Zhongqing returned to Liu Changan and asked, “How could she turn into a sheep? Can I change?”
“No, only innocent girls would dream of turning into animals. Real women know that turning into animals is too dangerous and wi