s eyes.

Under Wei Xiaobei’s interrogation, this guy did not have the perseverance to look forward to death. Instead, he answered whatever Wei Xiaobei asked, and Wei Xiaobei was a little surprised by his cheerfulness.
And this answer from Tom Fergus made Wei Xiaobei understand some of the truth behind it.
To put it simply, this Tom Fergus is in the same group as the American aircraft carrier formation. He is one of the gray world practitioners who was recruited by the US military.
After this Tom Fergus gained great strength in the gray world, he did a lot of bad things in order to refine his black skull in the United States.
For example, kill 99 men, collect their heads, and use them to refine black skulls, and so on.
As for revenge when there is a grudge, there is no need to say more about revenge when there is a grudge.
In short, this practitioner of black magic caused a bloody storm in the United States.
What needs to be explained here is that he can go ashore.
This is different from the gray world.
Of course, maybe this is the difference between the gray world and reality.
But then again, Tom Fergus’s ghost ship, the Flying New Yorker, is not allowed to go ashore.
After Tom Fergus leaves his ghost ship, his strength will be weakened by more than 90%!
/This is one of the main reasons why Tom Fergus does not live freely but works for the military.
After committing a series of murders, Tom Fergus was caught.
After that, this Tom Fergus became a special non-staff member of the military, serving the military while avoiding prison.
The mission this time is for Tom Fergus to follow the aircraft carrier formation and be ready to support at any time. In fact, the main force against the Scarlet Turtle Demon King is this Tom Fergus!
However, I don’t know what Tom Fergus was thinking. After the aircraft carrier formation left, he ran to New York to pick up his friends, which wasted time.
As a result, after Wei Xiaobei forced the entire aircraft carrier formation to surrender, Tom Fergus’s ghost ship appeared, and the most critical opportunity was missed!
To be honest, if Tom Fergus appeared during a fierce battle with the aircraft carrier formation, Wei Xiaobei didn’t know whether the Scarlet Turtle Demon King would be unlucky, but Bai Ma Yicong would probably suffer a lot.
If the black skull of Tom Fergus is not restrained by the power of light, it will indeed be very lethal!
You know, there are still many guys like Tom Fergus in the United States. Although most of them disdain to serve the military, they are also a great potential threat to Weijia Island!
After all, the abilities in the Caribbean Gray Realm are much weirder than those in other gray realms. Most of them are related to the undead, spirits, evil spirits, curses, and the like.
To be precise, if you enter this Caribbean gray world, as long as you don’t die, you can easily acquire powerful but flawed abilities.
Well, that is to say, if a thousand people go in, only one person will come out alive.
Well, actually, this ratio is not particul