biotic large ink gun, and protected by thousands of three-star terrifying ghosts, he killed a four-star elite nose-high tengu on the spot!

This tall-nosed Tengu is the lord of Odawara Castle on Honshu Island in the gray world of Japan!
There are many powerful ghosts under him, and there are even more than fifty four-star ordinary ghost warriors.
Of course, the more than fifty resentful ghost warriors had been killed one by one by Wei Xiaobei before, so that when Wei Xiaobei rushed to the side of the tall-nosed tengu, no other ghosts could stop Wei Xiaobei.
As the tall-nosed Tengu died, the other ghosts suddenly screamed in surprise. They dared not stay where they were for even a moment, and turned around and ran away one by one.
But having said that, at this point, it would be a little difficult for these ghosts to escape.
Outside this tall and majestic Odawara Castle, thousands of common people, flame birds and even some other weird cultivated creatures formed a huge circle.
Speaking of these cultivated creatures, they were originally cultivated by Wei Xiaobei when he was doing experiments in Qingmu Paradise, but now there is no big problem in using them to intercept those ghosts.
After all, most of those ghosts had been frightened by Wei Xiaobei. After escaping from the city, they saw an ambush ahead and dared to rush forward. They could only turn around and change directions to escape.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei was mainly hunting down those three-star terrifying ghosts.
After chasing down all the three-star scary ghosts, he turned to chase other ghosts.
To be honest, there were quite a few ghosts and ghosts who were able to escape from this battle.
After all, there were as many as 80,000 ghosts in this small Tianyuan City. No matter how much Wei Xiaobei went on a killing spree, more than 30,000 of those ghosts managed to escape even though they wanted to escape.
Even in the end, those cultivated creatures suffered more than 80% loss when intercepting the ghosts.
However, the corpses of more than 50,000 ghosts, including many powerful ghosts from four-star elites to three-star terrifying ones, were considered a rich harvest for Wei Xiaobei.
After all the ghost corpses were sent to the Aoki Blessed Land, Wei Xiaobei was very tired.
A big battle, and more than 50,000 ghost corpses being sent to the Aoki Blessed Land, even Wei Xiaobei, a tough guy, couldn’t bear it.
The gains from entering the gray world this time are not small.
Wei Xiaobei sat down on the top of the city and thought about it for a while.
The corpses of ghosts and monsters sent to Qingmu Paradise this time have exceeded 220,000!
Judging from the situation, it seems that Aoki Blessed Land has enough needs?
/Of course, this was mainly due to the snake eggs and giant snake corpses that Wei Xiaobei sent to the Aoki Paradise before. Especially the life force contained in the snake eggs took the aura of the Aoki Paradise to a higher level.
In addition to these benefits, the income from evolution points is not small.
Even though most of