g. Put this powerful magic weapon in Lu Bei’s hands

Taifu upgrades quickly.
The two Lin Jushui looked at each other, noticing the sadness in each other’s eyes, they both smiled miserably.
“Emperor Ji has abandoned you. Think about it, I am the wise master. Will you be my dog ??from now on?”
My charisma is average and I get no response.
Furthermore, their names are engraved on the Shinto directory, so it is not credible to swear allegiance on the spot.
The two Lin Jushui knew this, one step forward was the abyss, Demon Emperor, one step backward was the end of the road, Emperor Ji, life was helpless to the extreme, and there was nothing more sorrowful than death.
Lu Bei didn’t think so. He made up his mind to fight for his cousin’s future. If he could find out the information about Emperor Ji Baihu’s life, it would be best to prepare in advance.
Thinking of this, he closed his eyes and shot out a wisp of White Tiger Evil. Gengxin’s golden energy was extremely pure, and the white light was extremely bright, manifesting the outline of an illusory seal.
/Holding this seal can open the portal to the Heavenly Palace, corresponding to the Western Jade Emperor Shinto.
This scene was comparable to the sweet dew that returned after a long drought. It made the dry Lin Jushui and Qinglong stare blankly in an instant, and their breathing became rapid.
“Serve the orphans, and in the future, I will remove my name, so that you can regain your freedom.”
Lu Bei looked at the two of them with a smile. While tempting, he did not forget the threats: “Of course, you can refuse, but the price is Xiaoqing. You know, I have been coveting your body for a long time.”
Qinglong bit her lower lip, and her dry heart was once again hit by a severe drought. From Xinyuehu to Xuanwu, she had watched Lu Bei grow up, and knew that she could not believe a word of his lies.
She touched Lin Jushui’s shoulder, and her soul returned to unity, disappearing together with her physical body.
Lu Bei’s eyes lit up, and he suddenly remembered that the situation when Lin Jushui split into two was very similar to Han Miaojun.
/Is there a possibility that the palace master’s beauty’s illness can be cured?
Bang! !
The door of Yanglu Palace opened, and Demon Queen Huang Yu Lengyan walked in. She looked at the Demon Emperor with a bad look on his face, and then at Lin Jushui who was lying on the ground with wet tears, and his eyelids twitched suddenly.
She was really blind back then!
“Little yellow croaker, why are you here? All the papers have been approved?”
Lu Bei had a look on his face to prevent Lin Jushui from accidentally falling into a deep well and drowning. He waved his black iron chain to sweep him away. The golden light flashed and he took Huang Yu into his arms before he could resist.
“Let go!”
“The Demon Queen, please calm down, I’m sorry for you.”
Lu Bei lowered his head and saw Huang Yu covering her ears and whispering: “Huang Xiao is so ambitious that she regards the Demon Queen’s throne as her own. You must not fall in