e was at its peak, their territory reached the east bank of the Rhine!

In the end, they even reached Italy, Gaul and other countries, causing panic throughout Europe!
In short, in that era, the Huns cavalry was a symbol of the devil!
/At this time, the white horse Yi Cong, who was about to fight the Huns cavalry, was completely a typical light cavalry.
This invisibly made the Hun centurion feel that he was sure of victory!
But when the Huns cavalry reached half the distance, the white-horse Yi Cong who had not yet completely descended the mountain took off their riding bows while sprinting at high speed. Then, each of them held the horse’s belly with their legs, gently pulled Ban Yue away, and gently used his right hand to Take it easy.
swish swish
The sound of a series of arrows coming off their strings exploded.
The more than thirty arrows that came out of the strings jumped into the sky and swooped down, giving the Hun cavalry the feeling of a dense rain of arrows!
You know, these Huns cavalry are very skilled in dodging arrows on horseback.
But at that moment, they couldn’t move their bodies, and the arrows shot at them made them feel like they would be hit no matter how they dodge.
Puff puff puff puff
A moment later, there was a dull sound of a series of arrows entering the body.
With just this wave of arrows, more than eighty people were killed!
Although those arrows were just shot by Baima Yi from a half-string, they still contained huge power. After hitting one person, they did not pause at all. They broke a big hole in his back, shot out, and hit the next person again. .
Some arrows, due to their clever angles, even hit three people before hitting the ground diagonally.
It can be said that this wave of arrows directly stunned the Hun cavalry who were raiding behind.
They asked themselves in their hearts, if they were the ones charging, would they be able to dodge this wave of arrows?
And the answer is a cruel no!
Even the captain leading the team didn’t dare to completely guarantee that he could escape!
The strength of these white horse cavalry is actually so strong! !
Of course, the captain never noticed that the biological level of Baima Yicong was four-star or above.
In other words, there are more than thirty beings with the same strength as the Thousand Commanders!
More than thirty four-star ordinary strong men, not to mention a thousand cavalry, even three thousand cavalry may not be able to block the opponent’s attack!
Even more shocking and surprising than the skirmishing cavalry were the Hun cavalry who survived the arrows.
They didn’t expect at all that it was just a wave of arrows, and in a blink of an eye, only twenty people like themselves were left.
Some of them were so frightened that they turned around and fled, some continued to charge, and a few allowed their frightened horses to stop and looked around blankly, not knowing what to do.
/At this time, Baima Yicong had already rushed down the foot of the mountain. While continuing to sprint forward, he kept shooting a w