ind of thing to the outside world.

Jiang Kui, on the other hand, bought a lot of gifts to thank Lin Yuan, hung them all over his body and sent them to Lin Yuan’s office.
Lin Yuan turned over the gifts expectantly.
Jiang Kui looked a little weird when he saw Lin Yuan turning over the gifts in front of him.
After flipping through the gifts, Lin Yuan’s face collapsed.
Jiang Kui was startled, thinking that Lin Yuan was not satisfied, so he said cautiously:
“I don’t have much money now, wait for me for a while”
“Why is there no egg yolk cake?”
/Lin Yuan was a little angry and interrupted Jiang Kui directly.
I’ve given you so many songs, but it’s not interesting if you don’t make some egg yolk cakes for me to eat.
The most delicious egg yolk cake that Lin Yuan has ever tasted was made by Jiang Kui.
Jiang Kui:
She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Then I’ll do it for you later.”
“Do more.”
Lin Yuan wanted to give his sister some advice.
“Do more!”
Jiang Kui nodded vigorously, and then said with some anxiety: “Can I ask Teacher Xianyu for a favor?”
“What’s up?”
“At the music festival early next year, I want Teacher Xianyu to go with me to receive the Divas Trophy.”
Jiang Kui has become a diva.
But the trophies will not be distributed until the music festival is held.
It is an annual routine program of the Literary and Art Association, and its attention is on the same level as the Dragon Award in the film and television industry. Every musician regards the music festival as the highest palace of music.
Lin Yuan agreed.
Although he has never attended similar awards ceremonies, he will definitely go this year, and not only will he accompany Jiang Kui to receive the Divas Award, but he will also bring the Song Dad Award home!
This is Lin Yuan’s biggest goal this year.
Jiang Kui nodded excitedly.
She walked away with small steps and hummed the melody of “A Diao” when she walked out of the office, but the melody was different from the version she recorded.
The singing is very light.
Shortly after Jiang Kui left, Lin Yuan turned on the computer
The Blue Games has begun!
Although he was not a sports fan, Lin Yuan had a close relationship with Lan Yun, and for a while he became somewhat interested in watching Lan Yun.
Lin Yuan is indeed not a sports fan.
Even if it was the Blue Games held every four years, he only watched it for half an hour before losing interest.
The rules are not very clear.
But when the Qinzhou women’s volleyball team defeated Chuzhou and successfully advanced, Lin Yuan was very happy.
This is probably his natural sense of belonging to Qinzhou.
at this time.
Lao Zhou suddenly ran over.
Gu Dong:
How are you so skilled?
Lao Zhou often visits Lin Yuan, and he even knows the storage locations of different tea leaves in Lin Yuan’s house, just like his own home, but he is not here today just to drink tea:
“Our movie has recently started to be promoted.”
He said to Lin Yuan while making tea for himself.
Lin Yuan knew immediately which movie L