e blink of an eye, Tom and a middle-aged fat man were seen walking quickly towards this side.

There were two strong men following behind, carrying a box, but they were detained by the guards a hundred meters away.
“Count, this is Sir Xavier, the head of the Cartesia Chamber of Commerce. He came here to visit you specially!”
As soon as Tom finished speaking, the middle-aged fat man hurriedly stepped forward, saluted to Hudson and said, “Xavier, the fifth-level deacon of the Cartesia Chamber of Commerce, would like to say hello to the respected Earl of Hudson.
In the box at the back are some small gifts we prepared. Please accept them, Your Majesty the Earl! ”
He stretched out his hand to avoid hitting the smiling man. The fat middle-aged man in front of him was obviously preparing to lose money and avoid disaster. In order to dispel Hudson’s greed, he even raised the banner of the Cartesia Chamber of Commerce.
It’s a pity that he made the wrong calculation this time. Hudson sent people to stop them, not just to make a deal.
“Sir Xavier, I am familiar with the name of your chamber of commerce, but you have not been active in the southern part of the continent all the time. When did you open your business to the orc prairie?”
Hudson asked pretending to be confused.
As one of the four major chambers of commerce in the mainland, the Katsiya Chamber of Commerce’s business is spread across the entire continent, but its main business area is still in the southern continent.
“Your Excellency, the main reason we came here this time was at the invitation of Marquis Sunil, to help the Frankish Kingdom’s army deal with some minor troubles!”
Xavier replied neither humble nor haughty.
As a fifth-level deacon of the Katsiya Chamber of Commerce, he can be regarded as a middle-level and high-level member of the chamber of commerce. He has dealt with many nobles, and his mentality has been tempered for a long time.
“Oh! Your headquarters is in the Frankish Kingdom, and it is only natural that you have some friendship with Marquis Sunil.
The main reason I invite you here this time is to tell you: In order to facilitate the coalition forces to handle the spoils, I am going to build a commodity trading platform to provide a safe trading place for everyone. ”
Hudson bites the word “safety” very hard. As long as you are not a fool, you will know that this is the point.
Xavier frowned slightly, and in an instant, the clouds cleared up. He smiled and asked Hudson: “Don’t worry, Your Excellency! We will definitely come to support you when the time comes. Is it just a matter of cost?”
Although the Katsiya Chamber of Commerce has a great reputation, it cannot deter the wolves. Even if they hire the best mercenary group, going deep into the orc prairie this time is still very dangerous.
Even if they get Marquis Sunil’s endorsement, there’s no guarantee that someone will be unable to withstand the temptation of profit and do something dirty to them.
/As long as it is done cleanly enough and leaves no obvious evidence, it will be