large swamp in the way. Even if you get salt, management and transportation are a big trouble. You can only watch people make a fortune.

The situation is different now. The sea does not belong to the Dalton family. They can extract salt from seawater, and we can do the same.
The specific salt production process is described in detail in the database in the territory. You can just use my warrant to get it.
In addition to salt, there is another industry – fishing.
Don’t underestimate the fishery. If it develops well, it can become another pillar industry in the territory.
Select a group of young adults from the territorial residents and let them practice water skills in the canal. When they are almost familiar with it, they will arrange for people to go to the offshore area for trial fishing.
Build a fishing boat and make various fishing tools. There are related things in the warehouse, you can find them yourself.
No one else was surprised by Hudson’s words, but Jose on the side was shocked.
As an inland noble, the Koslow family should not have such side information under normal circumstances. However, from what Hudson said, not only does his lord have it, but he also has many types of information.
Buy from the royal family?
Just think about it, it is no small miracle that the royal family can sell the shipyard to the mountain territory.
If you think that people will sell all the technology needed for the development of the territory, then just go to sleep! Even if the royal family is willing to sell it, it must be a sky-high price.
/Usually these things are accumulated bit by bit through time and experience.
/This is also another tacit understanding between the great nobles, deliberately setting up technical barriers to make it more difficult for emerging nobles to rise.
But thinking of Hudson’s status in the later stages of the war, Jose instantly understood. The typical way to get rich is through war.
Thinking of this, he felt endlessly sad. On the battlefield that everyone went to together, Hudson soared all the way up, but he fell into the mortal world.
“Mr. Jose, the port construction and shipyard relocation work will be left to you!”
Hudson immediately ordered.
Port construction is nothing more than that. As long as you have relevant technical information, you can select a group of craftsmen and civilians and follow it.
But the relocation of the shipyard is a troublesome task. Not only do we have to move factories, machinery and equipment, and shipbuilding raw materials, but we also have to move employees and their families.
Originally, everyone was working with the royal family, but suddenly they had to work for a country noble. There must be a huge gap in their hearts.
Coupled with the fact that it is difficult to leave the homeland, it is almost inevitable that some people will resist the move.
In previous immigration relocations, Hudson had encountered this kind of thing frequently. It’s just that the original immigrants were all serfs and did not have the courage to compete with the lord