s time, Deputy Commander Jude had no choice. There were not many soldiers brought out this time. After five groups of soldiers were missing, the remaining combat power was even more incapable of fighting.

The abandoned space fortress did not slow down because of the obstruction of deputy commander Jude, and continued to move towards the station of the Red Fire Mercenary Group.
During this process, the Red Fire Mercenary Group tried their best to send spaceships and soldiers to attack the abandoned space fortress many times. However, the defensive missiles on the abandoned space fortress seemed to be in an endless stream, making the Red Fire Mercenary Group want to pass through. The method of attrition to deal with the abandoned battlestar has lost its effectiveness.
Finally, the abandoned space fortress is very close to the abandoned space fortress where the Red Fire Mercenary Group is stationed. The scanning devices of both sides can directly scan each other.
David was also far away from the abandoned space fortress at this time. A tiny spacecraft like his could not even be detected by scanning, so there was no need to worry about being discovered by other spacecrafts.
Unless it happens to be within the visual distance of the spacecraft, it is possible to be discovered.
Before leaving, David issued a final order to the security system on the abandoned battlestar to eliminate any enemies that entered the scanning range.
So just when the abandoned space fortress approached the Red Fire Mercenary Group’s station and the Red Fire Mercenary Group’s station entered the scanning range of the abandoned space fortress, the defensive missiles on the abandoned space fortress were launched wildly.
“Intercept the missile immediately. All soldiers are wearing armor and ready to fight at any time!” Captain Flower ordered loudly while sitting in the command room looking at the light curtain in front of him.
/Until now, he still thought that this was the Shadow Mercenary Group, or that other forces wanted to break through the defense of their station in this way, and wanted to invade their station. He did not expect that there was no one on the abandoned space fortress that was flying close. .
The soldiers stationed throughout the station all put on exoskeleton armor and were waiting for battle orders at any time.
Such an intensive attack on the abandoned space fortress made the Red Fire Mercenary Corps station somewhat unexpected. The air defense sirens were blaring and defensive missiles were constantly rising into the sky.
Even if all the incoming missiles are within the scanning range and locked by the security system of the station, so many missiles at once make the security system a little overwhelmed.
At the abandoned space fortress that originally belonged to the Shadow Mercenary Group, David had already put all the missiles in the warehouse in a state of combat readiness.
However, the Red Fire Mercenary Group still needs to continuously drag missiles out of the warehouse. All missiles also need to be activated