Eventually, it darkened and disappeared!
“Another arrow!” Wang Xuan stood in the mist, pointed at the True Saint, and then raised his hand to signal. I don’t know if the True Saint could clearly sense it. Anyway, none of the strangers nearby were aware of it.
They were all staring into the void with shocked faces, wondering if the arrow would catch up with Kong Xuan and kill him. At this time, they could not see the scene in the mist.
/Outside the sky, the True Saint looked down at Hell, his brows furrowed, and then his eyes “revived” again, shooting out lightning, carrying chaotic matter, staring into the depths of the mist.
Then, he drew his bow and nocked an arrow, aiming at this place!
Wang Xuan also frowned and said: “I’m sure, after he carefully violated the rules, he could see me. This true saint who likes to shoot cold arrows can also hear it, right?”
An arrow flew forward, even more powerful and terrifying than before. It sank into the mist, carrying the power of time that corroded all things.
If it really touches it, the true immortal will die of old age and turn into ashes in an instant, the heaven-level master will also die, and the ultimate limit-breaking arrow will far surpass Tsuna.
“Go over there!” Wang Xuan came to some conclusions and responded calmly.
In the mist, the spirituality of the divine arrow was reduced, and the other party’s control was not that strong. With his mental intervention, it flew towards the end with the light source.
The fragments of time splashed everywhere, like densely packed meteorites, crushing all the way and rushing towards the end area of ??the glowing fog.
In the end, this magical arrow also went out and disappeared!
“Kong Xuan, what’s wrong with you? The True Saint is calling us!” Wu Kong, an old stranger from Wujie Mountain, was looking for someone anxiously.
Wang Xuan came out silently. Suddenly, he caused a sensation in the area. All the strangers looked sideways, but the two arrows of the True Saint did not kill him.
Although both were in the ultimate true immortal state, the other person was a true saint after all, so he didn’t shoot Kong Xuan? It’s really outrageous!
In space, the True Saint of Time Sky has deep eyes, and the big bow is drawn again and pointed downwards, this time it is even more extraordinary.
/“Kong Xuan, get ready to leave. The True Saint will send us back to this world!” Wu Kong secretly sent a message that the old True Saint of Wujie Mountain wants to protect them from leaving this place.
“Okay, I understand. But, the grandson in the sky is targeting me!” Wang Xuan responded while taking out the holy cannon. Without any fear, he directly set it up and blasted it into the sky.
“What age have you been, and you still shoot arrows!” He was so unambiguous that he shot the True Saint in public, which immediately caused an uproar. Some foreigners’ views have indeed not changed.
In the inherent knowledge, how could a true immortal dare to be so presumptuous if he saw a true saint? When the True Saint looked o